August Adventures – August Break 2017 Begins

Here we are in August!  My goodness this year is flying, even though last month seemed long to me.  We have some more adventures coming up.  One main one is that I will be participating in the August Break 2017 with Susannah Conway and her band of followers.

By break, that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging.  The August Break is a month long challenge to take photographs as prompted by Susannah’s guide:

I’m not promising to post every day, although I am consciously going to try posting more often, even though some bloggers I follow have been deciding to take some time off.  I’m not established enough to do that yet!  
My picture for the first prompt (morning) is this:
I start every morning with warm lemon water and coffee.  Lemon water is supposed to help with digestion among other things.  I just think that it helps start the day on a positive note.   Coffee helps with that too 🙂
This list of prompts will make it easier for my 365 picture project too since at least for the next month I have some direction as to the pictures I take although Day #15 looks like it might be a tough one…dragon?
So far the only other things we have planned for the month are two more concerts at the Mountain Winery:  The Fab Four, a Beatles Tribute band, and then Pat Benatar with Toto.  I’m hoping to use the “down time” to get farther along on my ever growing list of things to do and give me time to get some more scrapbooking done.  We shall see.  We do still have the Big City Scavenger Hunt for San Francisco available for us to do and I’d like to get that in this month.    
How about you?  What’s your August looking like?  Join me on the August Break picture taking adventure?     

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