August Adventures – August Break Days 2 – 5

This August Break with Susannah Conway is so fun to watch unfold.  Each day brings a new prompt and the way that everyone interprets that prompt is personal and there are some amazing photos being shared in the Facebook group.  You can also find some of them on Instagram with the tag #Augustbreak2017.  I am @scr4pl80 if you want to connect with me!

I showed the first photo the other day.  Here are my interpretations of days 2 through 4 with a sneak peak at tomorrow’s day 5.  I am using them also as my 365 pictures so the numbers correspond to that.

#214 – Gold

I am not as excited to be offered a Gold American Express card as I am to use the junk mail in one of my journals!

#215 – Roses

I notice a lot of roses when I go for my walks around the neighborhood but I don’t take pictures of them very often because I don’t want the neighbors to think I am a stalker or something!

#216 – Where I live

 A lot of people interpreted this prompt as in what town or city or country they lived in.  I feel most alive when I am in this room scrapping and creating.  

Sneak peak to tomorrow’s entry.  The prompt is Bicycle and this is from a scrapbook I am making to document my husband and I.  He is four years older than I and spent part of his growing up in Germany while I have never lived anywhere but the San Francisco Bay Area.  This page shows that even though we were so far apart, we still did some of the same things, birthday parties and bicycles.

#217 – Bicycle

Fun fact, I just figured out how to put text on my photos, both on my iPhone and in iPhoto on my computer so now I can put my mark on them so no one can steal them!  Ha-ha, like anybody wants my photos 🙂

It’s not to late to join the August Break if you want to play along!

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  1. Wow! You’ve got plenty of scraping supplies, Janet!

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