August Adventures – Possible false advertising here

As you may remember (I hope you remember), but if you don’t or are new to my blog (I hope I have some newbies out there)…I wrote about this shampoo in February:

I used it as picture #59 in my 365 picture project.  At the time I commented upon the writing on the bottle that said “Up to 100 uses.”  The bottle was not full then.  In fact, I had no idea how much was left in it or how many times it had already been used.  It felt about 1/2 full.  We are now up to picture #220 so that’s 161 uses.   Subtract 60 uses because sometimes I don’t wash my hair every day and the BOTTLE IS NOT EMPTY YET.  I even checked the directions and it does not say “lather, rinse, repeat” as was on some shampoo bottles, so that means I am using it in the proper manner. 
Obviously I’m not really going to complain about getting more than 100 uses out of this shampoo, it just is interesting to me how they picked that particular number and why they would put a limit on the number of times you could use the product.  I might say something about the fact that I don’t really get any extra “oomph” to my flat hair, but I think that’s a lost cause anyway at this point.  
Got a favorite shampoo?  Get extra uses out of a product?  Anything you use to give your hair “oomph?”  Love to hear about it.  

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  1. I gave up on cosmetics in January–no matter how “hypoallergenic” they advertised, they irritated my skin and eyes and I just stopped. I’m happier because of it and I don’t have the big “bin” with useless multi-brand cosmetics. As far as hair care, I use a Suave daily clarifying shampoo every other day (the bottle is about $2 and I also use it as a body wash). Once a week, I use virgin coconut oil on my dry hair, make sure all is covered, and let sit for 30 minutes. Then, I shower, wash the oil out, shampoo, and am on my merry way for another week. My hair shines and is soft as can be and it isn’t weighed down. It all depends on hair type, though, but this works for me. It’s funny how we find a product that works for us and then they change the formula! Sounds like you got a good deal for your money.

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    I got a laugh out of this story. I remember when you shared that you were using that shampoo. Honestly, I have begun to think that the more I dislike a beauty/hair product, the longer it lasts just to teach me a lesson about believing all that I read.

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  3. Erika says:

    Nice! I love L’OrΓ©al shampoo.

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  4. Years ago, after using “Ten Day No Chip” nail polish and it chipped the next day, I gave up on believing labels. πŸ™‚

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  5. No suggestions from me. I often wonder why I fall for the words on the bottle. Never happens.

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