August Adventures – 365 Pictures update

We have 5 days left in August!  This year is going by rather quickly.  Here are a few more of the 365 pictures I’ve been taking:

This is the “official” picture I’m using for the 365 book but I did take a few other shots of the eclipse we had on the 21st.  Where we are in California it was only a 75% coverage but I was able to get some pretty good shots, I think.  I used both the paper protective glasses and my husband has some welding glasses which we doubled.  

This is through the protective glasses.

This is when there was enough cloud cover to take a regular shot.

This is through the welding glasses.  
#235 – A sign.  I wrote earlier about the biggest “sign” for me so far this year, when I found the word Believe on our walk in Reno.  This is the sign we see before every concert at the Mountain Winery.  Sometimes we can get a good picture, if there are not too many cars coming in behind us.  I don’t like to hold up the line.

#236 – Silver – This is one of my favorite silver rings.  It came with a bag of marbles that can be interchanged depending on my mood or to match what I am wearing.  I love the fact that I could just go into a toy store and get another bag of marbles and have more rings!    

#234 – Sour.  The kids used to love these things but just looking at the packaging makes my mouth pucker.

#237 – Pretty Weeds.  This tiny flower is growing in our front yard.

#239 – Stone.  I have this collection of stones and I am not really sure what kind they are.  I know the striped one is Tiger’s Eye but the other ones I need help with.  Anybody?

#238 – Window.  Sometimes the airplanes fly so close over our house that I could almost see in the windows.  Obviously this is blown up a bit but it was a real plane that flew over!

Okay, that brings us up to date on the pictures.  I am going to look for some prompts now so I have clues for next month.   Did you see the eclipse?  Get pictures?  Know what kind of stones I have?  Please share!

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