September Smiles – 2017 – Jason Bonham, Cheap Trick And FOREIGNER

We have 3 concerts left for the year (unless something spectacular comes up).  The first was Jason Bonham and the Led Zeppelin Experience, Cheap Trick and Foreigner at Shoreline in Mountain View on September 2.  As mentioned in my last post, we are having a HEAT wave here and the temperatures were up over 100 degrees, even at 6 PM when we pulled into the parking lot of the amphitheater.  The temperature was not the only thing that was going to make this night different for us (me).  

After being successful in sneaking in some alcohol at the Mountain Winery and AT&T at a couple of shows earlier this year, I got bold and decided to try it at Shoreline.  No such luck.  My “hidden” compartment wasn’t so hidden and I got caught.  Oh well, one wine cooler confiscated.  I was only slightly embarrassed.

We took our picture standing in the shade of the bar…

and then got a bonus picture in front of the stage.  

It was not quite so hot when we were in our seats and as the sun set behind us it was bearable.  Fortunately we were sitting under the canopy so we were never in the direct sunlight.  While we were waiting for the bands to start, we were surprised by a high school classmate of mine that was sitting in the row behind us, a few seats away.  In all the concerts we go to, rarely do we see people we know.  
First up was Jason Bonham and the Led Zeppelin Experience.  Jason is the son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham.  I didn’t realize that I actually like Led Zeppelin until I recognized most of the songs.  (How do you not know if you like Led Zeppelin?)  Now I’m taking my husband’s CDs and downloading them.  Here are a few pictures from the JBLZE:
Jason Bonham

Next up was Cheap Trick.  We’ve seen them before several years ago and were not impressed then.  They were better tonight.

Robin Zander

Rick Nielsen

In between bands I went to use the restroom.  I had brought a deodorant stick with me to refresh, after all it was HOT!  Unfortunately, I dropped the top and it rolled under the door to the stall next door 😦  I had to wait until that person was done and fortunately I was able to get it.  That could have been a mess in my purse!  On the way back I took this picture of the tents that cover the venue.  I didn’t realize until I was looking at it today, on the wall are pictures of other acts who have appeared there and the one on the right is Steely Dan.  Sadly, Walter Becker passed away September 3.  Kind of eerie.  

This is one of the projections on the ceiling.  So perfect for me to use in my concert scrapbooking.

By far the best of the night for me was Foreigner.  I am in love with this band and have written about some of our experiences, including the time I came in close contact with Kelly Hanson last year.  If Steve Perry returned to Journey, perhaps there would be a contest but failing that, Foreigner is my band.  The energy they put into the concert was amazing.  Mick Jones was even with them this time.  He has been ill and the last 3 times we’ve seen them, he wasn’t there.  This is their 40th Anniversary tour so we are lucky that he was able to make it.  
From our seats we could see through the slit in the curtain.

Mick Jones
Mick Jones and Bruce Watson

Kelly Hanson

Kelly heading into the crowd as he does
Jeff Pilson and Thom Gimbel


Lemme Hear Ya
The opening drum beat started for “Juke Box Hero” and a huge spotlight appeared in the back of the crowd.  All of a sudden the words…”Standing in the rain…” and the shadow appeared.

It was the first time I had seen them do anything like this.  It was terrific.  I’m so glad my husband was able to take these pictures because all I could see was the bright light.

The guys really seemed like they were having fun.  

I had another up close and personal, this time with Bruce Watson.  He came walking up the aisle near where I was standing so I just went over to him and put my hand out to shake his hand.  He shook mine and I said, “Thank You.”  Later, I read an article about him from January of 2015 when he first started playing with Foreigner because Mick Jones was ill.  He seems like a really nice guy, very fan friendly.  This was right before I shook his hand.  I had the camera so my husband couldn’t take a picture. 
After the concert there was the moon, almost full. 
Next comes Nickelback and Daughtry.  Are you ready?

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9 Responses to September Smiles – 2017 – Jason Bonham, Cheap Trick And FOREIGNER

  1. stacybuckeye says:

    I love Foreigner! And I’ve never thought about taking deodorant to a concert before. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • scr4pl80 says:

      I had never done it before either but it was SO hot I knew I would feel more comfortable if I had some. I had to bring my regular one but it worked so well I think I’m gonna get one of the trial size because I usually take a smaller purse to the concerts.

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  2. CL says:

    What a great concert! I am also a massive Foreigner fan and great when I saw them live a few years ago. Kelly is a great singer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • scr4pl80 says:

      Even though they sing almost the same songs every time, I never get tired of them, and it never looks like they are just going through the motion. They really put themselves into the songs. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Janet,

    You got some amazing shots at the concert. Were you using a DSLR or your phone camera? This looked like a lot of fun. I’m not a concert person but I’d love to photograph a live performance. I’m not sure who I’d like to shoot but it would be totally cool Thanks for sharing your experience with me. That was nifty added bonus shaking hands with Bruce Watson! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • scr4pl80 says:

      Thanks Cathy! I use a Canon Powershot SX700. I love it. I do also use my phone but I can get much clearer pics with the Canon and it has a 30x zoom for those close ups. Concert photos are hard sometimes because of where you sit, how much they move around, etc. Some concerts I take close to 250 – 300 pictures and can go through 2 batteries, especially if I take movies as well 🙂 I love collecting those up close and personal moments! Thanks for stopping by.


  4. All the other bands sounded wonderful, but I absolutely love Foreigner. What an amazing time! Sorry your wine cooler got confiscated, though. Had to laugh about your deodorant, too. The top of mine popped off one time and fell into the toilet. I love your concert adventures. I’m listening to Foreigner right now. I wanna know what love is….

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      They really are cool. At every one of their shows they sell a special CD and when you buy one they give you a raffle ticket to win a signed guitar. The money they collect goes to local schools for their music programs. During the song, “I wanna know what love is” they have some school kids on stage with them. What an experience for the kids.

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