September Smiles – 2017 – Daughtry and Nickelback

Shoreline Amphitheater was our venue for this concert as well.  We were going with some friends or I might have suggested we just spend the night down here.  Actually it only takes about a half an hour to drive it so it’s not bad at all. 

The weather was still hot.  I look like a lobster.

I was looking forward to Daughtry.  We had seen him once before a long time ago as an opening act for Bon Jovi.  

 Another very energetic performer, moving all over the stage so it was hard to get good pictures.

During the break we caught the moon with a slight cloud cover.  Not cloudy enough to cool the temperatures.

I had been listening to Nickelback CDs that my husband had and there were quite a few songs that I liked.  The tour was called “Feed The Machine” since that is the name of their most recent CD and they did do some songs from that but also ones from their older albums.  They had a great stage presentation and the opening was spectacular with a huge machine looking base for the drummer.

They also made good use of the big screen behind them so it was much easier to get some great pictures.  

They even had Daughtry come back out and sing a song with them.  
And one of the band members had family there so they got to go up and sing “Rockstar” with the group:
It is easy for me to remember the songs when they put the lyrics on the screen:

They had a spotlight on Chad Kroeger and this was reflected on the tent roof.
Big finale with Burn It To the Ground, lots of steam shots from the drum base and fire on the big screen.  

If I had one thing to complain about it was that Chad has a foul mouth.  I saw several children in the crowd and his use of the “F-word” was not necessary.  I’m not exactly a prude and he does sing some songs with questionable lyrics (“You look better with something in your mouth”) so I knew going in that it wasn’t exactly a GP band but I don’t think that profanity is appropriate in a place where there are young ones.  On the other hand, what are the parents doing allowing the kids to listen to that stuff?  Sticky situation. 
On the way out I saw this and realized that I never usually take the sign all lit up.  Usually I get it on the way in when it is still light outside.  
We have one more concert this year, Scorpions, next month.  Thanks to the A to Z I have gotten a lot of my shows scrapbooked but I am nowhere near caught up so a break in the action might do me some good.  I’m still debating if I want to use that as my theme for next year or go for something new.  For now, here is Burn It To the Ground from Nickelback:

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6 Responses to September Smiles – 2017 – Daughtry and Nickelback

  1. Janet,

    I don’t think profanity adds anything to a conversation, song lyrics, comedy routine, or movie script and yet it’s out there. Sometimes more so than others like when someone feels it’s necessary to say the f-word every two or three words. That really irks me to pieces. The thing is it’s a habit…a bad habit and society is so numb to this stuff they don’t even realize what’s going on. I remember when men watched their mouths if a woman was in the room and if a cuss word slipped they’d apologize. Have you heard anyone do that in years? I haven’t. The worse group of people with a limited vocabulary, because they wouldn’t know what to say if the f-word didn’t exist, are those under the age of 30. Oops, am I ranting? Yep. *step off soapbox*

    Well…it looks like y’all took in another fun concert with loads of photos to prove it. Thanks for sharing your fun with us! šŸ˜‰

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Agree with your rant and would add that it is not always the men. I know some women with pretty foul mouths as well, which to me is even worse. Delighted to share, glad you liked it.

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      • You ain’t whistling Dixie! Women ARE worse than men in more areas today than they were 30 or 40 years ago. It’s like they are trying to prove they are equal to men in every way and in my opinion, this takes them down, way down in the eyes of men and their peers. They are just too blind to see the truth. These women make themselves less special. Oops, I’m ranting again.

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  2. Great post. I remember Daughtry from his initial launch into the industry.

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