September Smiles – 365 Pictures

I am managing to keep up with my 365 pictures.  Here are a few since I last wrote about them:

Last night we had a thunderstorm complete with lightning.  According to the National Weather Service report from this morning, 1,200 cloud-to-ground strikes and 5,800 in-cloud strikes hit the Bay Area.  It was raining and yet the temperatures were in the high 70’s.  I was outside trying to capture it but the best I could do was this:

This was so close that I just about dropped the camera.  The thunder clapped immediately after and the ground shook so hard that car alarms started going off.  It was amazing.  
Our little kitty sometimes comes into the craft room with me and crawls up on a pile of boxes in our closet.  Doesn’t look too comfortable to me but I guess she is okay with it. 

Caught the full moon.

This happened in April when I googled Rod Stewart and found my blog post about him close to the top of the list.  This time it was my Nickelback post making it to number 3, right under their official page and their twitter page.  According to my daughter, this happens because Google knows it is me googling and it thinks that I want to see my own posts but that if someone else googles it, mine won’t be there necessarily.  I prefer to think I am getting to be well known šŸ™‚

I finished another project for my Etsy site.  This one is a Christmas House with a mini-album hidden inside.

I found the house at the St. Vincent de Paul second hand store during one of my trips to look for interesting items.  It was an ugly beige color so I painted it white and added some decorations.  The mini-album is made out of paper bags and has pockets and places for pictures and notes.  I’ll be listing it soon on the Etsy site.  I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Wish I had take a picture of the house before I “restored” it.   
And best news today, I found out I got the job at Michaels!  I go on Sunday for orientation and to sign the official paperwork.  A new adventure begins! How about you?  Any thunder and lightning storms your way?  What do you think of the Christmas house?  See the full moon?  Love to hear about it. 

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8 Responses to September Smiles – 365 Pictures

  1. such a cute house in that photo. nice!

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    You are google famous AND you will soon be gainfully employed. I go MIA for a few weeks and your world turns itself upside. Good for you.

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  3. Janet,

    Thunderstorms make jump sometimes, too. I hate it when the lightening cracks sharply, though. It really scares. You did a good job on the do-over project. The white house makes me think of Christmas – very cute! I hear you on the Google thingy. I see mine as one of the top hits. I like to think my tags are doing the job for search engines to find the related content and MAYBE drive visitors to my site. *cross fingers* Oh well….it’s a nice thought. Well… gotta dash it’s time for dinner. Have a good evening and thanks for popping over for a visit!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Interesting about that Google stuff. I’m taking a few online classes about how to use SEO and YouTube, etc. to attract people to my site too. Thanks for visiting back.


  4. Congratulations on your new job. That will be exciting. The lightening looked frightening (see what I did, there?)–I’m fascinated by lightening. It’s so beautiful and scary at the same time. Take care and have fun on your first day at Michael’s!

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