December Reflections – 2017 – Best Book of 2017

I’ve done pretty well with my reading challenge this year.  I follow the categories in Pop Sugar’s Reading Challenge (here is next year’s list). I am just starting book 21 right now.  I’m hoping to be able to finish it by the end of the year.  Since I usually only read at night before bed, sometimes it takes me a while.

I have to say that my favorite book so far this year has been We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter.

This was one of the “mystery books” that Bill brought home from one of his trips to Oregon.  They come wrapped in paper bags with just a snippet of description of the book and are actually drafts which haven’t been published yet.  It was a very interesting true story about a family of survivors of the Holocaust.  It was well written and very easy to follow, even though the family was separated for most of the time.  It was nominated for a Goodreads book award this year. 

Here are some of the other ones I have crossed off my list:

Another of the “mystery books.”  This one was about two sisters and a secret they unknowingly share.  I used it for my “book with a red spine” category.

This was interesting about the experiences of Frankie Presto, a musician.  I have read other Mitch Albom books and they are good.  I used this one for my “story within a story” category.
Had to read this book about Sherlock Holmes.  It filled my “book with pictures” category.

This one was interestingly told from the baseball umpire’s point of view.  It filled the “book with a subtitle” category.  Now I know why they do some of the things they do.

I bought this book to use in making a junk journal but had to read it first.  I remember Al Jolson from “The Jazz Singer” but had never read about his life.  Another interesting read.  It filled the “book with a title that’s a character’s name” category.

This book was a tough one but I am stubborn.  It was letters and notes written by some famous people in history, going back to the beginning of America.  The first few centuries were hard going because of the style of language they used back then and the periods in history.  The last few centuries were easier going because it was something I was more familiar with.  “Book of letters” was the category I used.

Of all the courses I’ve taken by Susannah Conway, including this December Reflection, I figured it was about time to read her book.  I am certainly glad I did.  It takes us through her process after she lost a significant other unexpectedly.  She is a wonder.  It was a “book that’s been on my to be read list for a long time.”

I was a bit disappointed in this Mitch Albom book.  I thought from the cover that I would learn “life’s greatest lesson” but I’m not quite sure that was true.  “Book with a month or day of the week in the title” was its category.
Andy Andrews never fails to enlighten and inspire.  Since it involves time travel, I used it for my “book involving travel” category.  Stretching it a bit maybe but I think that’s okay.  If you’ve never read or heard Andy Andrews, you should definitely check him out.

When I saw on the Goodreads site that this book could be used as a “book with an unreliable narrator,” I had to read it.  I read it so long ago that I forgot most of the story, which made it even more enjoyable.  Love my Dame Agatha.

This was another one that I was just a bit disappointed in, although there were a few of the authors that had some interesting dreams.  Some I felt just liked to talk.  It was my “book with multiple authors” entry.

I am not sure I got any real “career advice” from this book but that’s the category I used it for. 

And there you have it.  I can’t say anything yet about the current book:
because I haven’t really started it yet although I did preview the first couple of chapters through James’ website.  He is a blogger friend I have discovered through the A to Z Challenge and is a most interesting gentleman.  He is also doing a 365 challenge for himself and that is another one of the things we have in common.  I’ll let you know how it is when I’m done.
Okay, how about you?  How many books did you read this year?  Take any challenges?  Any suggestions for my reading for 2018?  Love to hear about them!  

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  1. Good Morning! Thank you for sharing Watching Glass Shatter. I look forward to your thoughts. Very kind of you!

    I have 83 books read this year with 7 left on my challenge to complete by 12/31. All 7 are picked out, hopefully I will get them done. šŸ™‚

    Love that Sherlock Holmes book.

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