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On Wednesdays and Saturdays the Just Jot January follows “Wordless Wednesday” and “Stream of Conscious Saturday” prompts but I think I’ll use those days to add posts about other things.  Today I’ll share my vision cards for 2018:

I made five of them again and kept the same basic focus areas on each:

I’m calling this one “Smart Money Matters.”  With my fluctuating income it is more important than ever that I get a true handle on our money and where it goes and how I can better use it to make sure that we have money enough for us to live a decent life in our retirement.  

This one is “Home Clean Home.”  We have a lot of cleaning and decluttering that could easily be done around the house and none of it will cost a lot of money.  The biggest expense I can see for this year would be to clean out and “landscape” the backyard.  Cleaning out the garage and other “catchalls” around the house would go a long way to making things better.  We might even make some money if we had a garage/yard sale.  I think I’ll try to plan for that when the weather warms up in spring/summer.

Healthy Living is this card’s focus.  I did well last year but toward the end of the year I let things slip by.  I know I do better when I plan meals in advance and when I get some extra walking in.  I really enjoyed walking by the Bay and I think I’m going to give the beach a try.  I live so close there’s no reason why I can’t get there once in a while. 

My Crafty Life.  Of course with my word of the year being Create, this one had to get some attention.  Making more things to sell on the Etsy site is one thing but I would also like to try making some videos and of course blogging consistently.  I may not make a million but I think I might be able to help increase my income if I do better with affiliate sharing and exploring YouTube possibilities.  I don’t want to be one of “those” people who bombard you with the “buy me/try me” type emails though.  I’d like to find some more craft fairs to do throughout the year instead of just at the holidays as well.

Last but not least is “Going Places.”  We had such fun with the Big City Hunt last year and going to see the Summer of Love expo that I am sure we can find some new things to explore this year.  I’ve also seen a couple of train trips that look interesting.  One is called the Amtrak Starlight Express and goes from Seattle to Los Angeles along the coast.  The cost does not seem too bad and it looks like a fun ride.  Visiting Monterey and Carmel also is on my list.  

On the back of each card I have written my intentions and initial “goals.”

As I looked at these cards and did some thinking about the year ahead and what I want in my life I realized that I had left out a major component…Relationships.  I made another card which I am calling Heart to Heart:

I have mentioned before that I am an introvert so going to parties and being with a lot of people is not exactly my forte but I do have some really great friends and I do love to spend time with them.  I also want to be conscious of being a good wife to my husband, mother to our children, daughter to my mom, sister, aunt, neighbor, etc.    

How fortunate the first full moon of the year was on January 1 so I was able to send these intentions off to the Universe right away!

I’ve been doing these cards for several years now, starting with the guidance of Jamie Ridler in her Vision Cards class.  You can check that out if you want to make your own set of cards.  I’d love to hear about them if you do!

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  1. Ritu says:

    Loving your Vision cards Janet!


  2. joey says:

    Those are lovely, both visually and in sentiment. I’m particularly fond of the creativity one.

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  3. I made a Vision Board right before I retired, but I’ve never done individual cards. Very nice!


  4. This is a great idea, Janet! Thanks for sharing your vision cards.


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