Just Jot January – 2018

Today’s #JusJoJan is the word “Prediction” as suggested by Dar at Darswords. 

I have been known to use my Sherlock Holmes Tarot cards to peek into the future, but since I am the one reading the message, it is easy for me to make things fit into my world/expectations and make some predictions.   

One time I did have someone else read my cards as I was pregnant with our last child and at age 42 I was apprehensive about it.  There was a woman where I worked who offered to read my cards for me.  She said that the pregnancy was going to be fine (which it was) and asked me if I knew anyone named Aaron.  At the time I did not but many years later a family moved into the house next door and the husband’s name was Aron.  She didn’t actually predict that that would happen, but you have to admit that Aron is not as common a name as Mike or Joe, right?

Today, though, I am going to talk about a different kind of card and make my own prediction.  In this blogging world I’ve participated in several different “challenges” like the A to Z (coming soon!) and December Reflections and this #JusJoJan.  I have found many different blogs to read and have “met” some very interesting people from all over the place.  One of them was doing a 365 challenge of his own, James J. Cudney IV at This is My Truth Now and that of course caught my attention since I was doing my 365 picture project.  Jay and I started commenting on each other’s posts and we really have a lot of things in common, although I am old enough to be his mother. 

Anyway, I try not to be too “markety” when it comes to talking about my Etsy shop and the cards and things I make but I do have the link on my site and do mention when I put up a new batch of cards or something that I am particularly proud of:

Recently Jay took advantage of one of those “nudges” and found some cards that he liked and purchased them.  Fortunately for me he liked them enough to make me/my shop the subject of one of his 365 posts!  Even though he recently experienced the loss of his dog, Ryder, he still took the time to communicate with me and get this blog out there.  You can read his kind words here.

My prediction from this card reading?  At least for today, I’m going to get a bit more traffic on my site, both here and Etsy.  That’s kind of an easy prediction because he has a whole lot more followers than I do and even if only a handful of his followers take a look, it will be more than I usually get in a day šŸ™‚  Thanks again, Jay.  I’m happy we connected. 

Side note:  Jay is an author and has written and published his first book, Watching Glass Shatter, which I read as part of my reading challenge last year.  It is a terrific story of a fractured family and I am looking forward to his next book and the short stories he is writing about the characters in WGS.  You should check that out too!

How about you?  Believe in Tarot?  Make any predictions?  Like to send cards?  Leave me a comment or “like” this post so I can see if my prediction comes true šŸ™‚ 

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  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Interesting about the name prediction! I have some Tarot cards, but have never sat down to learn much about what to do with them. Hope your predictions about your shop comes true. šŸ™‚


  2. Margret says:

    Very nice cards! Good luck!


  3. Ritu says:

    Hope your prediction works šŸ˜Š

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