Fiddlin’ February – 2018

Tell It Color – Days 8 and 9

Yesterday’s prompt was to talk about the colors inside me.  Right now there is a lot going on in my/our lives.  We are beginning another transition period with me trying to balance running my transcription business, working at Michaels, doing my crafty bit, spending time with the hubs and all the usual stuff that goes along with day to day life.  Also, we have our daughter graduating in May this year from college (YAY) and moving back home.

I recently picked up two new stamp pads from Michaels that I fell in love with and I decided to use them to try to convey what I’m feeling at the moment.  Along with some pictures I used from a magazine, this is what I came up with:

The color inside me, orange, pink, blue, green, heart,
I love how it came out.  Perfect, no way, but it is something that I think captures my inner emotions.  The butterflies signify change.  The flowers make me think of dandelions and my wish to follow my dreams.  The oranges and pinks are uplifting and exciting while the blues and greens are my inner reflections and hopefully calm amid chaos.
Day 9’s prompt is Yellow and I did answer that one the other day when I talked about my yellow room. 
I do have some more pictures of the color yellow though:
Good way to get the day going.

My collection of Nancy Drew books

The plate that used to hang on the wall of our kitchen when I was growing up.  Wrote a bit about that here


A cake I made for the kids’ birthday.  Since their birthdays are in the summer I had a combined party and called it also a “Back to School” treasure hunt.  

A daffodil – the flower of my birthday month

That’s a little more yellow for you.  What are the colors inside you now? 

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  1. Ally Bean says:

    “They call me mellow yellow, quite right, slick.” 😀

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