July-Jinks – 2018 #31SRW Photography Challenge

The prompt today in the #31SRW Photography Challenge by Shelley Quaint is fire.  Since yesterday was 4th of July here in the US, I have a couple of pictures of our “Safe and Sane” fireworks show.

When I was young we used to have fireworks in front of our house all the time.  I wrote about that here.

We are one of only a couple of towns in our area that still allows the safe and sane fireworks.  Most other cities have outlawed them and all the ones that go up in the air are definitely illegal to shoot off.   Our city uses the sale of fireworks as a fundraiser for local children’s sports programs and my husband volunteers his time in the booth for the Pony Baseball teams.  On the 4th he brings home our fireworks show and we have some friends who come over from the next town to share them with us. 

Fortunately it wasn’t too windy.

One of the best ones got started when I was in the house so I only caught the reflection through the window.  It was still impressive.

I love the fireworks setting on my camera that lets me get some of the pretty colors, but it takes a while so I can’t do rapid shooting.
And even though they are illegal, some people still manage to find and shoot off the ones high in the sky.  

25 people were arrested for shooting them off.  That’s a $1000 fine each!  More money for our city.  
Hope you had a great 4th.  

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8 Responses to July-Jinks – 2018 #31SRW Photography Challenge

  1. Erika says:

    I really enjoyed your fireworks pictures! They turned out really good.

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  2. Your photos are always so beautiful! The fireworks are stunning. You have an eye for photography šŸ™‚

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  3. joey says:

    Pretty! I love fireworks and I feel fortunate to live in a place where it’s humid so I can pick any number of venues šŸ™‚ That sounds so odd, cause I don’t like hot weather, but I mean really, there are some perks.
    Glad your city raised some money!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      If we weren’t able to shoot off the ones like this in our driveway there are places we could go to watch the professionals, but that would mean traveling north to San Francisco or south to one of the other towns, finding a suitable parking spot, etc. I’m spoiled.

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      • joey says:

        You really are. We went to fireworks on the 3rd, and so we were home the evening of the 4th, and I’ll be darned if we didn’t have fireworks displays on three sides of our house. Who knew? Hah!

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  4. LA says:

    šŸ˜€šŸ˜€ šŸ’„

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