Sweet September – 2018 Reading Challenge

I’ve been posting lots about songs lately but I’ve also done some reading.  In fact, I’m over the goal of 25 books that I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.  True, some of those books were children’s books that I read for the Children’s Readathon hosted by Jay Cudney but I think that I’ll have plenty of time to read “adult” books to equal that amount before the end of the year. 

Speaking of Mr. Cudney, the book I just finished was his latest book, “Father Figure.”  This is his second book and it was very good.  It tells the tale of two girls set two decades apart and is told in alternating chapters.  It is very easy to read and you can follow the twists and turns in the story without problem.  He ties up the connections well, but not until the end. 

Coincidentally, he used my name for one of the characters!  I always love seeing my name in print, however, the character he gave my name to is one of the least likable in the book!  I mentioned it to Jay and he assured me that he “thinks” he had the name picked out before we became friends in the blog world and that he  I am nothing like the woman in his story – LOL.  I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from James J. Cudney in the future.  He also wrote “Watching Glass Shatter” about another family with secrets and I’m hoping to hear more about the Glass family as well.  You can get his books as Kindle editions on Amazon but I prefer the hardcopy.  I used this book in my Challenge category of “Books with alliteration in the title.”  Thanks, Jay!   

Before “Father Figure” I read another book about two girls, “Two Girls In Blue” by Mary Higgins Clark.  This is about the kidnapping of twin three-year-olds and the strong connection that they have in that when one of the girls is found alive and the other one is said to be dead, the one that is alive gives strong signals that her sister is still alive. 

I was interested in this book because my mother is a twin.  She has never said anything about getting such intense signals from my aunt and vice versa.  I do see how it might be possible, however, especially in such little girls.  I used this book to complete my “Book about twins” category.  
29496454My current book is “A Common Struggle” by Patrick J. Kennedy.  I have always loved reading about the Kennedy Family.  I am not as familiar with the younger generation so when I saw this book on sale at Office Depot I decided to pick it up and give it a shot.  It tells the story of his journey through mental illness and addiction.  This family certainly has their share of issues, right?  
Happily, this will fill my category of “Book about mental illness.”  Have you been reading any good books lately?  I still have a few categories to fill such as a book with weather in the title, a book with an ugly cover or a book published in 2018.  Suggestions?  

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8 Responses to Sweet September – 2018 Reading Challenge

  1. Shelley says:

    I ordered 3 books yesterday…I can’t wait to read them! You rock having read 25 so far!!! Happy Weekend and Happy Reading to you!

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  2. joey says:

    I read Two Little Girls in Blue. I read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark for a while. I like her style. I don’t remember the names of the books, lol but the covers! I read one with red shoes, one with a rose, one with eyes, one with a big scary house. I must have read a dozen.
    I know three Janets and not a one of them is like the other in any way other than one — none of them are tall. IF I had to say somethin about Janets, it would be that they’re small people 🙂
    I don’t have near as much time to read now. I sometimes get through two books a week, but mostly it’s a book every two weeks.

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  3. Thank you so much for reading both books. I truly appreciate how kind and generous you are. As for the name, I’m definitely certain you are nothing like that character… and perhaps your name will pop up in another book but for someone genuine and kind! 🙂

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