Observations in October – 2018 #31 Things – You

You (Me) – Not a subject that I usually talk about.  Who wants to know about me?  But, part of the 31 Things project is to go deep into “things” at this moment so here goes.  One of the things I like to do in my planner each month is to fill out a “Currently” list something like this:

Watching:  The baseball playoffs.  I’m sad that our Giants did not make it anywhere near the playoffs this year but I am rooting hard against the Dodgers and the Yankees so go Red Sox and go Atlanta! 

Reading:  A book called “Son.”  It is the true story of a serial rapist from the 1980’s in Spokane, Washington.  I am just about to the part where he is going to be captured, thank goodness!  It is interesting to see how he was able to live a “normal” life and fool the people around him.   

Listening:  OMG I am in love with the newest Daughtry CD called “Cage to Rattle” (more on that tomorrow) and the new Steve Perry CD, “Traces.”  It has been a LONG time since Steve Perry has done anything in the music world and there are a lot of us out there (as evidenced by the Facebook group anyway) who have been waiting for this.  I love most of the songs on it but I wish there was at least one to rock out to.  Mostly they are ballads and you can hear the influence of Sam Cooke and the like.  The story is he made a promise to his girlfriend before she passed away that he would not give up on his music.  These songs are some heartfelt tributes to her for sure.  I’m crossing my fingers he decides to tour to promote this CD because I’m sure if he does he’ll add some of his rocking songs. 

Making:  I just finished making an offering for Halloween.  It is a decoration that holds a mini-album I made with paper bags.  I think it came out pretty good.

Feeling:  Excited.  We have a couple of really good concerts coming up!  We are seeing Lindsey Buckingham on Tuesday and we paid a little extra for VIP seats so we are getting a signed poster and his new CD Anthology.  Later this month my son and I are going to see Phil Collins in his “Not Dead Yet” tour.  We have one more in November, Fleetwood Mac.  It will be interesting to see Fleetwood with Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty’s band) and Neil Finn (from Crowded House) instead of Lindsey.  Some drama there, right? 

Planning:  I have a few new ideas for ways to use my creative talents to bring in some extra cash.  I have also signed up to do a Holiday Boutique next month so I have to get some more inventory going. 

Loving:  Our local library had a book sale today and my daughter and I went and got some good books.  It was $7 to fill a grocery bag full of books.  This is my haul:

I was really glad I had included the picture of the Nancy Drew books I had in an earlier post because I was able to look at it and get some of the ones I was missing!  I was also able to get some of the Sue Grafton novels that I didn’t have.  I won’t ever have the complete set since she died before she did the letter “Z.”

That’s me currently.  How about you?  Like talking about yourself?  Do you do a list like this in your planner?  Do you like this #31 Things thing?  Love to hear about it!

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8 Responses to Observations in October – 2018 #31 Things – You

  1. I used to do a “currently” list like you have – I wonder what happened to it!?
    This Observations in October seems like an interesting challenge. Pity I missed out on it – do you know where the info is for it? Thanks

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  2. joey says:

    Nice and busy, as expected šŸ™‚ Blow some kisses to Lindsey Buckingham for me. Ooh-la-la!

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  3. I saw Phil Collins a few years back. I was sitting in the nosebleed section but he was good. Rock groups…drama? Yep! I see you bought an Evanovich book. She’s my go to when I need a good laugh.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Phil Collins has had some health issues of late and he sits down to sing his songs now, from what I’ve seen. It will be interesting. I haven’t read Janet Evanovich yet but I’m looking forward to it.

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