Observations in October – #31Things – Evening

Most evenings around our house are pretty much the same.  I’m usually working in the craft room while my husband watches TV.  Sometimes we watch movies together, like last night.  We watched Hotel Artemis.  It was a pretty weird one.  Jodie Foster was very interesting as “Nurse.”  Definitely not a glamorous part. 

For this prompt, though, I’m going to talk about our Evening with Lindsey Buckingham.  I mentioned that we had VIP tickets at the Palace of Fine Arts which is a very small venue with only about 1000 seats.  We left our house early since you never know what kind of traffic you’re going to hit at 5 PM going through San Francisco.  We arrived in plenty of time and I got a chance to take a few pictures of the outside:

I wish I had stopped to take some more but not having been there before we didn’t realize we had parked on the opposite side of the venue and since we were supposed to be there at a certain time, we wanted to find the entrance.  We decided to go again another time so I could take more pictures.  I think a general sightseeing tour of San Francisco is in order! 

We finally found the front door (which we would have found sooner had we gone right instead of straight ahead).  The usher scanned our tickets to make sure that we really had VIP access and let us in.  Once inside there were about 35 or so people in line and as we checked in, we got our special goodies.

A signed poster, a photo lanyard and a Lindsey Buckingham blank journal.  It would have been nice if he’d have written a note inside it or if we had gotten to actually meet him but cool stuff nonetheless.  We also get a copy of his new CD, Anthology, that is being mailed to us.  It was most unusual that no one checked my purse.  Usually at every concert we go to now we have to go through a huge security check point, almost like TSA at the airport. 

There was neat stuff to look at inside the lobby area and I had a glass of wine and a little snack – salmon on cream cheese and bread.

Once we got inside, we took our usual selfie and as we did that, the usher came up and told us that Mr. Buckingham requested no photography or videos taken during the show.  Bummer, because we were in the fifth row slightly right of center stage!

Well, you know that I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to taking pictures at concerts so of course I had to sneak a few.  Naturally they are not of my usual quality but I’m sorry, when I pay $200 for a ticket I want to get more than just a blank journal.

The drummer was really good.

He sang a few Fleetwood Mac songs, including Big Love, which is my husband’s favorite, so all was good with him.  

He did some songs that were new to me and I really liked them so I’ll be interested in hearing the Anthology album to see what other gems I may have missed.  It was funny that while he did not specifically say anything about his parting with Fleetwood, he did seem to particularly emphasize the words “Never going back again” when he sang that song 🙂

The usher was being REALLY strict and even went up to a few people who were taking pictures and made them stop so I didn’t want to get us kicked out but when the show was over I figured I’d get a picture of them as they took their final bow:

Not the high quality type I am usually able to get but at least I have a remembrance of the evening and we did have a good time. 
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