Observations in October – 2018 – #31Things – Think and Spot

Still doing the catch up thing so I’m putting these two together.  They seem to fit actually.  Whenever I have something that is particularly bothering me or if I want to just get in some good old fashioned thinking there are a few spots I go to.

One is the trail along the San Francisco Bay.  The whole trail extends for quite a distance but there is one part that is really easy for me to get to and walking it takes about 20 minutes.  That’s just enough time for me.  I can walk and see the planes doing their come and go dance and the water splashes up on the rocks.  The beach would be my first choice but this little spot is closer and it is on my way when I make work deliveries. 

Another good spot for me if I want to take a break and read or just relax is right out my back door.  We have a cute little porch and it is a great place to sit a while.  I should make more time for myself to do that but I don’t.  Soon it will be too cold to sit out there.  Sometimes I take my first cup of coffee out there and use that time to plan my day.  I’d really like to make use of the rest of our backyard more so when I sit here, I’m envisioning a plan to put a fire pit with some chairs around it in the middle of the yard.  Not too much landscaping because I don’t want to have to “garden.”     

And then of course there is this room.  My real haven.  Sometimes I think my husband is getting jealous of the time I spend in here but when I am in the creative spirit and making my projects I have the music going and it is really heaven.  I’d much rather be in here than sitting in front of the television watching those mindless programs.    
Where are your thinking spots?  Got a favorite place around your house?  Share!

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10 Responses to Observations in October – 2018 – #31Things – Think and Spot

  1. joey says:

    Porch sitting is crucial to us, so I understand your porch time πŸ™‚
    My spots are right on this sofa, right in my bed, right in the car — I’m always right! (of The Mister)

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like to sit on our screened-in porch and think. I do some of my best work there… with a beverage in hand, of course.

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  3. LA says:

    My thinking spot is everywhere, because I don’t have space and I’m always thinking….I need a not thinking spot!

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  4. Wow! Your craft spot looks like a craft store, Janet. πŸ™‚ When it’s nice, I like to sit outside with the hummingbirds.

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