December Ditties – 2018 – My Guest Blog Post – The A to Z of the A to Z –

Shortly (because you know time flies when you’re having fun) it will be time again for the A to Z Challenge.  This will be it’s 10th year and I have been participating since 2016.

At the end of this year’s challenge there was a poll about the different things we liked and perhaps didn’t like about the organizational aspects of the challenge and the benefits or drawbacks to participation in the group and there was a contest to win a guest spot on the main A to Z Challenge blog.  I know there are hundreds of participants in the A to Z and I don’t know how many entered the contest but I did and I was among the winners!

The A to Z of the A to Z according to me:

I was ABSOLUTELY thrilled when I found out I had won a spot as a guest blogger in the A to Z poll contest.  Then I had a moment of panic.  What would I write about?  I hope that my insights will be BENEFICIAL to those who may not be sure about joining for the 10th year of the A to Z.

There is a feeling of CAMARADERIE among the participants, even though the focus of our blogs can be very DIFFERENT.  We are not all writers or crafters or music lovers and yet we can find some common ground.  The EXPERIENCE of blogging almost every day for a month brings about a feeling of FELLOWSHIP among the participants and I GLADLY open my emails during the month of April to see what new posts there are.

Some people write HISTORICAL blog posts that are very INFORMATIVE and that helps to JUSTIFY the time I spend reading them!  KEEPING up with them all is a LABOR of love.   Some folks write about words and their MEANINGS, some write NOSTALGIC posts about their family history.

I love that the A to Z Challenge is OPEN to anyone who wants to join the PARTY and there are always the helpful co-hosts to answer any QUESTIONS that may come up.

I am excited and READY to start planning for the 2019 version and hope that I can bring a SMILE to your face as you read my posts.  I have my THEME and hope that I can share something UNIQUE to keep you coming back.

Our founding father, Arlee Bird, was truly a VISIONARY ten years ago when he started this WONDERFUL project.

I have only been doing the A to Z for the past three years so I am not sure if there have been any XYLOGRAPHERS who have shared their experiences, but the word itself may have been used by someone looking for that hard to find X-word.

This YEARLY gathering of bloggers is certainly something that I look forward to because there are some ZANY folks out there who put a lot of effort into coming up with new ways to entertain us.

Thanks again for allowing me to participate as a guest writer on the A to Z Blog.  Can’t wait to see what Arlee and the gang have in store for the 10th anniversary!

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14 Responses to December Ditties – 2018 – My Guest Blog Post – The A to Z of the A to Z –

  1. Congratulations, Janet. How cool!

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  2. Congrats. I’m still pulling my thoughts together on what I will write on. Last year, I had my theme from October, but I’m lacking this year. See you in April

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  3. Shelley says:

    Congratulations! And WOW – you did an awesome job of using A-Z (especially X) words to write this post – very clever!! You’ve intrigued me to consider joining the challenge! Nice job, Janet, thanks for the smiles as I read your words!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      You should, Shelley! I’m sure you could find an A to Z theme for yourself!

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      • Shelley says:

        I’m so out of the loop…I don’t even know what you mean by a theme for myself!! Time to do some investigating!! šŸ˜‰

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      • scr4pl80 says:

        A theme is just something that some people find it easier to complete the A to Z. For example, the first year I used Music A to Z. The second year I did the same but this time I used the bands we had seen in concert and did scrapbook pages for each one. Last year I did the A to Z of Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Some people just pick random words from A to Z and write about them.


  4. Iain Kelly says:

    Great post Janet šŸ™‚

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  5. Ritu says:

    Great post Janet!!!
    I’ve never taken part, not because I couldn’t post daily, but I never found a topic u could happily write an A to Z about!!!

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