December Ditties – 2018 Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Hairy

Linda Hill has given us another good #SoCS prompt with the word “hairy.”  We get bonus points if we can use it in two ways.

  1. 1.
    covered with hair, especially thick or long hair.

    “a hairy chest”

    synonyms: shaggybushylong-hairedMore

  2. 2.
    alarming and difficult.

    “we drove up yet another hairy mountain road”

    synonyms: riskydangerousperiloushazardous, touch-and-go; More

Similar-sounding words
hairy is sometimes confused with harry

Working off the second definition first, I had a hairy experience trying to get tickets to see Queen last week.  Ticketmaster has changed their ways again (no surprise) and now you are allowed to enter a “waiting room” before the tickets are available. 

As you can see from this screenshot, I was in the waiting room 19 minutes and 22 seconds before the tickets went on sale. 

This was on my main computer.  I was also on my laptop and my phone app at the same time.  So really I was online about 20 minutes BEFORE 10 AM (PST).  
The next step is to get in line!  As you can see, there were 2000+ people ahead of me in line.  Again, that was on my main computer.  My phone showed that there were about 500 people in front of me and my laptop showed about 250.  I figured that was going to be my best shot.

It is hard to tell from the picture but there is a little purple man walking across the bar to tell you where you are in line.  I kept watching all three devices to see which one was going to pop up first.

As you can imagine, it was a hairy experience watching all three “lines” move forward.  Would I be able to get these tickets?   How did all those people get in front of me when I was in the waiting room 20 minutes BEFORE it was time?  I needed four tickets this time since our daughters were going to go with us.  Could I get four tickets together?

Once I actually was able to see which tickets were available, it was another hairy race to the checkout page.  I actually had four tickets in my cart and when I went to click “buy tickets” the screen said, “Sorry, another fan beat you to those seats.  Next time click faster!”  Well, not really that last sentence but you get the idea.  Frantic search for four more seats together, rush to push “buy” and check out. 

When I reviewed the order – YIKES – I had only purchased two tickets!!!  Hop back to one of the other devices which by now were allowing me to view what was available.  I was going to try to get two more tickets near us but wait, there were four tickets together on the floor!  Grabbed those and:

But what was I going to do with the other two tickets?  I briefly considered trying to sell them since obviously this was going to be a popular show but then I figured that I should try to cancel the first order instead.  Then there was another hairy few minutes while I waited for Ticketmaster to a) answer the phone, b) check my order and verify it and c) make a decision to allow me to cancel the order.  The kind gentleman suggested that next time something like that happens, I should call them first before buying the second set of tickets and they could just do a replacement.  I explained that the tickets were going so fast, if I had waited for them to come on the line, the better tickets would be gone, which he acknowledged could happen. 

At any rate, we now have 4 tickets on the floor for the Queen concert NEXT JULY!  Imagine those people who wait until the actual time the tickets go on sale, or wait until it gets closer to the date of the concert since WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO BE DOING SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE? 

Well, we know cos we are going to be seeing Queen who, while has not really ever been known as a “big hair band,” has had some long haired periods in their career, and I think that covers definition #1.

Image result for queen the band

Thanks again, Linda.  This one has been a fun one!

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    That’s too much excitement for me! Phew! I’d be sooooo frazzled! Good job!

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