Must Be May – 2019 – High School Memories

I’m a day late on these but found them interesting on Barbara, John and Ally’s blogs so decided to play along too.

Think about your SENIOR year in high school: 

  1. Did you know your current significant other?    Not even close, although we did find out later that he knew some of my classmates.  He’s four years older than I am and lived in the next town.    
  2. Make and year of car?     Plymouth Valiant.  I don’t remember the year but it was old because it only cost $400.  It was a cool ride with push button gear shift.  I called him Prince.
  3. What kind of job?  I worked at the local library all through high school and into the first year of college.

  4. Where did you live?  Just a few blocks from school but they were LONG blocks, up steep hills which I had to walk in rain, snow, sleet, hail – well maybe not snow in California. 
  5. Were you popular?    Not at all.  At our 40th reunion a few years ago I was surprised that so many of my classmates knew me.  
  6. Were you in choir?   Nope.  
  7. Ever get suspended from school?  Really?  I came from a Catholic grammar school.  
  8. If you could, would you go back?  No, although I do wish I had done some things differently back then.  Maybe I wish I had done some things!
  9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?  Didn’t go to Senior Ball.  I got my car that weekend so I would have something cool to talk about when everyone else was talking about the Senior Ball.  Junior Prom was a family friend who did me a favor. 
  10. Did you skip school?  See answer 7!  I did do Senior Cut Day but I think they all expected that.
  11. Go to all the football games?  Not a one.  Did go to a basketball game where the teachers were playing against the local radio station though.  Got my picture in the yearbook that way because they happened to take an angle shot that included the benches.  
  12. Favorite subject?  English – just the reading part not the diagramming sentences part – and history.
  13. Do you still have your yearbooks?  Yes, although I didn’t get one for my Freshman year.  I never look at them though so are they really that important to me?   
  14. Did you follow the career path you planned?  Pretty much.  I wanted to be a nurse but took the short cut to medical assistant instead. 
  15. Did you have a class ring?  Yes.  Still have it.  It doesn’t fit.
  16. Still close with your best friend?  Yes although there were years that we didn’t speak as we were busy raising our kids and she lived on the other side of the Bay from us.  
  17. Who was your favorite teacher?  Mr. Christman.  He looked like Steve McQueen so it was easy to pay attention to him.  
  18. What was your style?   I had no style.
  19. Favorite shoes?   Shoes were never my thing either.
  20. Favorite music?  Pop rock.  Whatever was playing on KYA radio.  
  21. High school hair?   Senior year was short with a bit of teasing to give it some height.  

  22. What kind of cologne/perfume?  None.  Still none.
  23. How old when graduated?  18
  24. Did you play a sport?  Hardly unless you call reading a sport.  

Sadly, our high school was shut down about 10 years after I graduated.  They turned parts of it into a continuation school and part of it into a Gymboree type thing.  Now they are talking about selling it so that housing can be developed.  No matter what I’ll always be a Crestmoor Falcon!   How about you?  Play along!  It is interesting to read other people’s high school experiences. 

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18 Responses to Must Be May – 2019 – High School Memories

  1. I read Ally’s answers to these questions, and now yours. I really enjoy these walks down memory lane (even if they weren’t my memories, they still are fun). I wonder if I’d be brave enough to post my high school picture…

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  2. Janet,

    Cool set of questions. I might have to borrow these for a future post. Great to learn a little more about ya, girl! Have a groovy Memorial weekend!!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Thanks Cathy. Borrow away, I did! It is fun to learn more about each other. I find I have a lot more in common with people than I would have thought, especially coming from all over the place.

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  3. Shelley says:

    I’m with Ally – I love your responses. And that you named your car Prince – those buttons were awesome. My hubby is 4 years older, too, and from the next town over. I’m envious of how adorable your hair looked in that photo – I had the sausage roll look going on in mine!! Thanks for sharing a glimpse to your past! PS – your smile definitely hasn’t lost its heart-warming glimmer!


    • scr4pl80 says:

      Thanks Shelley! Interestingly, I’ve had facial reconstruction surgery since that photo. I wish I had your hair. Mine has always been so thin and fine.

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      • Shelley says:

        You’re welcome. I had braces since I was in high school – and let my hair do it’s own thing (after every length and style inbetween, of course…some looks I’ve buried into the past archives never to uncover again…!) I guess that we all have things we’d change about ourselves. Your smile always warms my heart!


  4. I enjoyed reading your high school memories! I was answering the questions in my head on my own, and some were similar. You high school photo is precious. Sometimes I would love to go back and relive those years knowing what I know now!

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  5. LA says:

    I’m going to save this and try to answer you at some point!!

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  6. ghostmmnc says:

    Thanks so much for answering these fun questions, Janet! I sure enjoyed reading your answers!
    Love your yearbook photo! That little bow in your hair brings back memories, as I used to have those, too!
    I wish reading was a sport, too. I was terrible at PE and would rather be reading.
    Sorry your school isn’t there any more. Mine is still there and going strong. In fact our reunion is coming up next month, but I’ve never wanted to go.

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    My comment was eaten by the system. I’ll try again. I like your car’s name and your hairstyle is wonderful. I think that getting a car instead of going to prom is brilliant. You were [and are] one cool chick. Thanks for linking to my post.

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  8. Ally Bean says:

    I love your answers. I like that you got a car instead of going to the prom. That makes you way cooler than the kids who went to prom. Also your hair looks great in your photo. Funny to look back on and think about high school. Thanks for linking to my post.

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