Must Be May – 2019 – A to Z Road Trip!

For those of us who like to keep up with the A to Z Challenge after it is over in April, there is the Post A to Z Road Trip.  I know there were many blogs that I would have liked to visit during the A to Z but there is never enough time.  I still have a copy of the sign up list so I am going to use that but let’s not forget the Road Trip sign up. 

On the Road Trip you get to pick one of your favorite posts from the challenge.  Maybe it’s one that you really liked but didn’t feel it got enough notice.  Maybe it is one of your most popular ones.  You get to choose and use it as the landing page on the sign up sheet.  Check the A to Z page because they explain it very well. 

When I just looked now, there were only 26 people who signed up to do the road trip.  That’s not very many considering there were over 600 participants in the A to Z.  Sign ups are open until May 27.  Let’s go! 

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