April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – To the tune of T

T is for Ms. Tina Turner!

I think Tina Turner is another one of those icons that if you get a chance to see, you really should, just because.  Our seats weren’t the best for this show and it was one of the early ones with my old camera so the zoom sucked but I still remember the night through these:

This was the first time I tried using one of the templates by Lea France.  It was one of the beginner series, Honey Comb.  I really like the way it came out on the paper with the round design.  I used metallic pens to color in the corner designs.  

She did hit after hit with a couple of costume changes.  She did need to sit down for a few songs and near the end of the show she got into a big basket picker and was transported out among the crowd.

The Thunderdome set was almost like in the movie.  She can still strut her stuff across the stage and she was in her 60’s then!

I think if I tried to walk (not even dance!) across the stage in her high heels I’d probably break my neck!

The papers in this collection have a celestial feel, fitting for a star of her caliber I think.

Ever seen Tina Turner?  The Mad Max Thunderdome movie?  Love to hear about it!

You can click over to the main A to Z Challenge page to see what other participants have come up with for this letter, and come back to see what U has for us!  

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  1. loveisastateofmind says:

    I would have loved to see Tina Turner in concert. Sadly that will never happen now I think. What a powerhouse of a voice she’s got.

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