April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Yes it’s Y

Y is for “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.

This is another one of our top favorite bands and we try to catch them whenever they come around, which may be less and less given their recent loss of Brian Johnson, the lead singer, due to hearing issues and the retirement of Cliff Williams, their bass guitarist.

In any case, the first time we saw them was in December 2008 in Oakland.  They are one of the most reasonably priced shows around and almost all seats are the same price.  That’s the way it should be!  It was called the Black Ice Tour and they opened the show with a huge train engine breaking through the back of the stage with a puff of smoke.  It was quite impressive.  I used some papers from a travel collection so that I could include the train.  You can’t really tell from the picture but the train is actually up on some foam dots to make it 3-D.

Angus is such an enthusiastic guitar player.  He got out on the end of the stage and a platform arose very high and he jammed out, even laying down on the bottom of the platform and almost going into a seizure-like fit.   They had a huge blow up doll, Rosie, sitting astride the train during the song “Whole Lot of Rosie.”

Tons of people young and old ready to rock, dressed in school girl clothes and with light-up devil horns, trademarks of the band.

Hells Bells and For Those About To Rock are signature songs and they did not disappoint.  There was a good write up of the show which I was able to include.

We left the concert that night with our ears ringing and our voices hoarse.  That’s a concert experience!

When we heard that they were going to be touring again in September of 2009 we had to go, even though it was still the Black Ice Tour.

One of the “problems” I have when we see bands for the second and third times is to make each layout series look different.  Especially in this case as the set list was identical.  Using different papers of course helps and we were sitting on opposite sides of the stage for this one.

I got Angus up on his high rise again, but this time I was able to get a shot of all the confetti coming down and even grabbed a piece to include.   Rosie was still riding the train but I couldn’t see her as well since we were partially blocked by one of the big speakers.  

We have actually seen AC/DC one more time in September 2015 at AT&T Park.  We had General Admission tickets to the field but it got SO crowded down there that we moved toward the back for breathing room.  We are not young kids anymore and my husband had recently had back surgery so I didn’t want anything to happen to him.  Of course those pictures aren’t printed or scrapped yet, but there are some really good ones.  (Tease for next year’s A to Z maybe?)

Well that’s Y.  One more letter to go.  Will I make it?  Definitely going to give it my best shot!

You can click over to the main A to Z Challenge page to see what other participants have come up with for this letter, and come back to see what Z has for us!

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