April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – ‘Zooks made it to Z!

Z is for ZZ Top

ZZ was the other band at Bone Bash XI and they were terrific.  It was the only time we’ve seen them live as their ticket prices are a bit higher than I like to pay, even though they have been to the Mountain Winery a couple of times, which is a venue we like a lot.

I love the way they do their choreographed steps as they play and their microphone stands and the skull in the drums changed colors throughout the show.  It was pretty cool.

They used the big screen to good advantage, showing clips from their MTV videos as they played the songs.  They also played a few using their sheepskin guitars.  

Toward the end they changed their jackets to ones that lit up.  That was pretty neat too.  Wish I had gotten a shot of them in the dark!

And we have come to the end of the A to Z Challenge for this year.  I missed 4 letters because my pictures weren’t scrapbooked yet and I could have just shown the pictures, but my theme was scrapbooking my concerts and I didn’t want to rush my pages just to get through them.

I learned one very important thing about myself during the past month…I may take too many pictures!  I did enjoy reliving the concerts as I scrapbooked and I did try some new things and used some of the tools I have that I don’t use a lot.  All positive things in my mind.  I’ll be writing my reflection post for May 8 and am looking forward to reading what others experienced this month as well.  Definitely going to participate next year and after a week or so off, I’ll be thinking of a new theme.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my concert scrapbook.  I know I have had fun sharing it.

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  1. Janet,

    ZZ Top would be awesome to see live! These guys aren’t much to look at but boy, oh boy do they ever have some excellent mewsic. Congrats on crossing the A2Z finish line. We survived to tell the tale! šŸ˜‰ I’m sharing my reflections post on Saturday. I hope you’ll stop by to read it this weekend when you get a chance.

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet ā€œZā€ (Zebras)

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  2. Hi again… so I was nominated for an award. The Mystery Blogger Award. Part of that means nominating others… You are one of the people I chose. So now you get to wander over to my place and see what the rules are on my blog post for today. Fun right šŸ™‚

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  3. ZZ TOP!!!! WOOOOOOOO…. And Congratulations you made it. I’ve been checking my reader every hour or so trying to leave little notes on people “Z” posts… I’m sure I missed a few but I’m trying šŸ™‚


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