In Tune With June – 2017 – Vision Card Update

Every year for the last few years I’ve been making Vision Cards, as introduced by the wonderful Jamie Ridler.    Half the year is gone so it’s time for me to check in and see how I’m doing.  Here are the ones I made for this year:

The first has to do with self-care.  I have done pretty well with my Hungry Girl eating program and have lost about 18 pounds since January (44 total since last year).  Not a huge amount but at the same time I don’t feel like I am depriving myself or starving.  We eat out occasionally and I certainly don’t kill myself exercising but for the most part, I am happy with the way things are going.  In the last month I have really stepped up my walking, taking a walk around the neighborhood almost every day.  I have set myself some weight loss goals and so for the next six months I am going to make a more focused effort in that regard. 
Next has to do with my creative life.  My goal is to be able to increase my income by either selling the cards and mini-albums I make and/or earn some money through affiliate programs.  I haven’t really worked very hard in this area yet, although I am now an affiliate for both Blitsy (an online craft store) and Creative Live, an online education resource.  You can see both of those on the right side of this blog (if you are seeing it on Blogspot – I haven’t added them to the WordPress site yet).  I have been taking some of the free courses offered on Creative Live about how to utilize my Etsy site better and be found in search engines.  In the second half of the year I hope to put all the research I’ve been doing into practice.  I do have one craft fair scheduled in November.   

Travel and Adventure is the next card.  I think we really covered that well with the Big City Hunt that we went on last month in Reno.  We have the voucher for one in San Francisco that I want us to do now that the weather is getting nicer.  I’d still like to hit Carmel and Monterey but I’m not sure that will happen this year.  

Finances is something that is a never ending battle it seems.  Just when I think we are getting ahead, something happens to stall us.  I’m not giving up though and will continue to work toward making our retirement less stressful.

Finally, we have our home.  The makeover it got last year did wonders and I wanted to continue the trend.  We used up our financial resources for the most part so the things we do now need to be at minimal cost.  We have made a great start in the last month in two areas.  The backyard, where I have started to detangle the jungle that has grown there and the garage where my husband has really made huge improvements on cleaning out and organizing.  It is a tricky area because I can only offer my opinion when asked as the things in the garage are mostly his.  I wouldn’t want him to come and organize my craft room though, so I totally understand. 
Not too bad for half a year.  I really find making these cards more helpful than just making New Year’s resolutions.  I know I am not going to get everything accomplished in every area, but having the cards and checking in with them periodically keeps me focused.  
How about you?  Make any vision cards?  New Year’s Resolutions?  Have plans for the next half of the year?  Love to hear about it.    

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4 Responses to In Tune With June – 2017 – Vision Card Update

  1. Have you looked into Udemy? They have online courses (I’ve taken genealogy, photography, and writing) that are given by videos–the creative things you do, I think, would be a big draw if you created a course. You do so many beautiful things with your memories! Dawn

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    If I had any new year resolutions, I’ve forgotten them. I remember my one word [relax] which seems oh so ironic considering how this year is unfolding. I’ve never tried a vision card, but like the concept. Maybe that’s what I need instead of more words in my life!

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