A to Z Challenge – 2019 – Y is for YouTube

Happy Monday!  We have the last two letters in the 10th Anniversary A to Z Challenge this week.   I am so happy that I have made it this far with no complications.  I was so involved with getting the Studio together in March that I had almost no time to prep for the A to Z and yet I managed to meet all the deadlines and have relatively (I hope) interesting offerings for each letter.

For the letter “Y” I am presenting a YouTube video walk through the new studio!  I have been wanting to try my hand at making some how-to videos.  I thought that starting with a tour of the studio would be fun.  I hope you think so too!

I left out some things I wanted to say and I’m sure I fumbled a bit but for a first attempt I think it is okay.  In case you want to see some of the companies I mention, I am linking them here:

The shed was made by The Shed Shop in Hayward, California.

The ScrapBox was made by The Original ScrapBox Company.

The binders are from Totally Tiffany.   

I hope you liked my video tour.  Do you think I could do more of them?  Have something you’d like me to demonstrate?  My niece said she wants to see more about the Junk Journal I mentioned so maybe that will be the next video.  Love any feedback.  Hope I didn’t scare you away and that you’ll come back tomorrow for the big finale!

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19 Responses to A to Z Challenge – 2019 – Y is for YouTube

  1. My husband is addicted to YouTube, everything from car mechanics to cruise ships to woodworking to…who knows what?

    Me? I rarely watch videos unless VERY short and humorous. LOL!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Yak

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    What a wonderful space you’ve created there. You’re so organized and in such a pretty way. I can see why you like your studio so much.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Thanks Ally. I think it will take me a while to get totally organized but I have found a lot of things I’d almost forgotten I had and now am excited to start using.


  3. I’m not gonna lie–I’m so incredibly jealous of your space! It’s beautiful and you have it so organized! I would be spending hours and hours and hours in there. The video was wonderful. I’m looking forward to your how-to videos and other things you do. I’m so glad you are doing this!

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  4. joey says:

    Oh WOW! It’s like a mini playhouse for crafting! Everything is there! Everything! How exciting! I really love the melted crayon art, I’d display that proudly, too! Very pleased for you!

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  5. John Holton says:

    Nice little space for you! There doesn’t seem to be a bathroom…

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      No, John. No bathroom. We would have had to get more extensive building permits for plumbing. This is just supposed to be a “little shed in the backyard” LOL


  6. Shelley says:

    Congrats – not only making it through every day with the letters but all of it! Great video – your space does look like heaven! I can see why so many creative things are popping out of there!

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  7. ghostmmnc says:

    What a wonderful work studio you have created! I love how everything you use is all organized where you can find it with no problem. I like the little personal touches, too, like the Moms Studio sign, the koala bear, and the Micky & Minnie, plus the melted crayon picture. Well done! Very good video tour! πŸ™‚

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  8. Wow! It looks great, Janet. I’m so happy for you. It looks like you’ve been there for years! Thanks for doing the video, I enjoyed it.

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