Rocktober Music Fest – 2019 – Moondance

For the #RMF today I am straying a bit from artists that we have seen in concert and am choosing Van Morrison’s “Moondance” in honor of the Hunter’s Moon that we had last night and my word of the year, which is Dance.

Here are a couple of shots I captured.  There is a 3 day window for the magic of the full moon.  The first shot I got on Saturday night.

I love the colors it made in the twilight sky.  That is no filter.
These are from last night.

This one I was using the “creative effect” on the camera.

I love the orange in this one.  It is what the moon really looked like for a while.

The Hunter’s Moon is a call to action.  It is time to take charge and make your move.  I know I haven’t really been focusing on my word of the year as much as I wanted to.  Gotta get some more dancing in somehow.
Did you dance in the light of the moon last night?  Make your wishes to the Universe?  You still have a chance since tonight’s moon will hold the power as well.  Go for it.


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17 Responses to Rocktober Music Fest – 2019 – Moondance

  1. Debbie D. says:

    Your photos are lovely and that’s the perfect song to go with them. 👌 I did an Instagram post quoting the same tune with my Hunter’s Moon photo collage. Great minds think alike! 😀

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  2. Shelley says:

    Love that song and your photos too. We’ve had cloudy nights, so haven’t gotten a chance to admire the moon. As you know, I’m always hoping for a moon photo op, rarely succeeding when it comes to those, though. Thankfully the full moon cycles every month. 🙂

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  3. joey says:

    I always love your moon photos 🙂 Great tune, too!

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    I was singing this song last night as I was getting ready for bed. Guess I’m not the only one who thought that Van’s tune was meant for the Hunter Moon.

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  5. I love a full moon even though it keeps me awake. Great photos!

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  6. Mary B says:

    Great song! Van Morrison is really making a showing this week in #RMF.

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  7. songbird1329 says:

    Yes, moon songs…good choice

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