December Reflections – 2019 – Through the window

I am participating again this year in Susannah Conway’s December Reflections.  The prompt for today is “Through the window…”  There have been a lot of window shots posted in the group and at first I was going to try and get a picture when I walked Benny this morning as there are some folks in the neighborhood who already have their Christmas trees up.  I didn’t find any good shots so I’m taking a different approach.  I got this message this morning from WordPress:

So I guess you could say that 1000 times I’ve let you look “through the window” of my mind, right?  Hope you continue to enjoy the view 😂 👀🤔.

If you’d like to play along with Susannah and I (and the other great bunch of people doing this December Reflection), here are the prompts:

There are some fun ones on here don’t you think? 

from Blogger

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21 Responses to December Reflections – 2019 – Through the window

  1. joey says:

    I looked at my post number once, but I don’t remember it. I agree 1000 is definitely a milestone. I enjoy looking through your window — reading you! 😀

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  2. Shelley says:

    Woohoo – congrats on 1000 posts!!! Way to have fun with Susannah’s prompts, too, I admire your energy to keep up with all your craft shows, blog writing, and prompts!!!

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  3. 1000 posts?!! That’s so awesome!
    Congratulations, Janet! Very well done!

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  4. Oooh nice job!!!!!!!

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  5. LA says:

    Congrats! Awesome!

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  6. simplywendi says:

    wow! 1000 posts, that is a HUGE accomplishment, congratulations!

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  7. Congratulations on 1000 posts, Janet! Those are some great prompts.

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