December Reflections – 2019

So there are days when I have lots of time and days when I have none.  While I love the freedom that working from home has given me all these years, I think it’s time I try to figure out some sort of routine.  That’s one of my goals for next year.  I’ll be making my vision cards soon so I’m gathering bits and pieces to do that.  Blog post about that coming. 

For now, we have a few days of the Reflections that I have only posted on Instagram and I’ll share them here. 

Day 10 – Gold  – Some little ornaments I have hanging in the studio. 

Day 11 – 10 years ago.  This showed up in my newsfeed for that day.  I don’t remember anything specific that happened on December 11 but I do know that 10 years ago is when my husband hurt his back at work and our lives have not been the same since. 

Day 12 – Made me laugh. – interestingly, I have nothing for this.  Do I not laugh enough? 

Day 13 – 5 things about me.

I always find it hard to think about different things about myself.  For this I said:  1)   I have 3 sisters and all of our names start with the letter “J.”   2)   I’ve been to Alaska and seen the “North Pole.”   3)   I love Koala bears but owls are starting to capture my attention.   4)   I’ve lived in 7 places but they are all within a 5 mile radius of each other.    5)  I love blackberry or boysenberry pie better than chocolate. 

If you are really interested, you can see five more things about me here.

Day 14 – Floral – Have to admit, I just added this one today!  One of the pictures I colored earlier this year. 

Day 15 – Best decision of 2019.  Deciding to try different types of transcription instead of just medical.  It has been interesting and will be of financial help as well.  Never too late to teach an old dog…

Day 16 – Hot  – Struggling with this one as it is definitely NOT hot here but “cold” is coming up later in the month so I guess I’ll use these:

And that time we had an explosion:

I may come up with something else for hot later in the day but I wanna get this out for now.  How’s your December going? 

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12 Responses to December Reflections – 2019

  1. joey says:

    I hope you do laugh enough. Maybe that day was especially giddy?
    I’d rather have blackberry pie than chocolate pie, too. Never had boysenberry pie, but I do love the jam and tea, so I’d probably like it, too.
    I’ve pretty much written December off, and sorta think of it as only holidays now. I’ll work the end of next week and few days the week after, so I feel all free and happy. Otherwise, I would say my December was wildly productive, having finished several projects at work and having got the prezzies done, and having mommed my butt off! Which is why I deserve to feel all free and happy. Imma bake and color and drink and watch a lot of shows 😀

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  2. What a lovely practice. I will try it out next year. Thanks for the inspiration, Janet.

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  3. Laurie says:

    That’s an interesting set of reflections! Now I have to think about my best decision of 2019.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      That’s one of the reasons I like doing this project so much, Laurie. It makes me think about the year that has passed with different perspectives. So often I just think that it has been a “same-old” stuff year and then it hits me.


  4. “Deciding to try different types of transcription instead of just medical.” Yay, Janet! You’ve been to the North Pole? Wow! I get very cranky without my routine.

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  5. John Holton says:

    Are you doing legal transcriptions now, like from depositions, trials, etc.?

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Not exactly legal although I did just do a mediation hearing between a union and an employer. I am doing panel discussions and things like that. It is a little more complicated because there are multiple people talking as opposed to the medical that I’ve been doing where it is just the doctor dictating a report. With the new stuff, sometimes I have to type EVERYTHING that is said, even if there are a lot of “like, you know, I mean,” etc. It doesn’t flow as easily and I have fewer shortcuts that I can use. Still, the money is very helpful so I’m willing to work a little harder.

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