December Reflections – 2019

I know there are a lot of folks who are taking the rest of the year off from blogging and social media and I have been frequenting it less and less because of the general busy-ness of Christmas and spending time with family.  Still, I have to get my fix occasionally so I may post something on Instagram or Facebook from time to time.  Here’s a recap of the last week. 

From the December Reflections prompts: 

Day 17 – I said Hello to…  I skipped this day.  It seems like I can use the same pictures over and over for some of these things (like Benny and the studio).

Day 18 – Favorite Photo of me.  I have posted a few pictures of me in the mirror demonstrating the weight loss this year but beside those, my favorite picture of me was a toss up between these two. 

I think I like the vibrant colors in the first one and that’s the one I posted on Instagram with the #Decemberreflections2019 tag but I do like my hat!

Day 19 – Cold – skipped this one too.  I think the day it came up it was a warm one so I just wasn’t feeling cold.  Still, I asked for a ski mask for Christmas so I can keep warm on my Benny walks.  I got one too!

Day 20 – Memorable meal in 2019.  I used the dessert we had when we went out for our 35th anniversary back in May.  It was a restaurant similar to the Benihana style but not as good.  Still, the meal was memorable for the occasion and I splurged off of my eating restrictions for the bananas foster!

Day 21 – I said goodbye to a bunch of stuff that we are going to try and sell at a garage sale when the weather is more predictable.  The picture is sideways but I don’t feel like taking the time to turn it over. 

Day 22 – Solstice light – skipped this one. 

Day 23 – A secret – Presents under the tree are all about secrets now.

Day 24 – Paper – could have used the wrapping paper all over the house but instead I used a picture of my tower of paper in the studio.  This is just the 12 x 12.  I have all kinds of paper in lots of different sizes.  I believe I mentioned once I am a paper addict.

Day 25 – Today is – Family – The family indulged me in getting a picture in.  I took only two the whole day.  I’m sad about that. 

Day 26 – Delicious – Our dinner last night was delicious but as noted above, I only took two pictures and the food was not one of them!  We had ham, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, asparagus, twice baked cauliflower, cranberry sauce and tortellini – something for everyone.

Up to date for now.  Are you getting things done or taking the rest of the year off?

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14 Responses to December Reflections – 2019

  1. joey says:

    Mmm, twice baked cauliflower! 😛
    Isn’t it terrible when everyone’s together and there are so few pics? On the one hand, it’s nice we enjoyed it instead of fussing over the camera, but it would be nice to have more pictures!
    This year I made an effort to disguise all the presents under the tree. No one knew they were shoeboxes or palettes or whatever, and that made me happy. Except, LOL, I wrapped a lotion tube for Moo so well, she could rip off the circle part and apply it without ever knowing what it was. That went in her stocking 🙂

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Good idea to disguise the presents. Takes all the fun out of it if you can tell what it is right away. The twice baked cauliflower was really good and it is low in carbs so I can eat lots!

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  2. John Holton says:

    This is our week off. It’s been that way for at least 25 years.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Because I work from home, it is hard for me to step away sometimes. However, at this time a lot of the doctors take time off too so if they don’t dictate, I don’t type!


  3. Love the family picture!

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  4. gigglingfattie says:

    I might not be posting too much more but I’ll be writing more and scheduling some posts so I can try to get my blog back off the ground again in 2020 lol

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  5. No time off…the new year is approaching so fast. Glad you had a nice Christmas, Janet.

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  6. ccbarr says:

    Had a easy Christmas. Planning next year. Getting habits set.Congrats on wt. loss👍

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