About April – 2020 – Escapist Coloring Club

With the virus keeping everyone inside I’ve seen a lot of creative endeavors popping up all over.  Linda has invited us again to participate in the Escapist Coloring Club.  I’ve been watching movies with the hubby and that is my favorite time to color.  Here are a couple of the ones I’ve done in the last few days.

If you are coloring more too, share! 

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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15 Responses to About April – 2020 – Escapist Coloring Club

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Beautiful 💜

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  3. I’m doing crosswords. Turns out I’m not as smart or wordy as I think I am (laugh) I do have a coloring book here someplace though. (rummages around). I’ll ask the wifely person she will know where it is.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      I do Words With Friends on Facebook and I have a Mystery crossword book that I take with me when I have to wait somewhere for a long time (like the doctor’s office). Coloring I can do while watching TV.


  4. ghostmmnc says:

    Very pretty – such colorful flowers and leaves.
    Coloring I mostly do in the evenings as it helps wind down from the day. 🙂

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  5. Coloring has really grown in popularity. The ones you posted are quite pretty. Weekends In Maine

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  6. gigglingfattie says:

    I borrowed a pencil sharpener from a fellow teacher the one day we were allowed in the building to collect supplies, thinking I’d be colouring more, but I have no time. I don’t even get to make/eat my lunch in peace haha!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      I just sharpened all my pencils today! I can see more coloring in my future since I’m trying to spend more time with the hubby watching movies.

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        Hehe I might try it later. I was thinking i would do some today while listening to a church service on YouTube. I was trying a pastor a friend suggested because she knows I’m not so happy with my own right now. He was so captivating!! I sat there completely hooked

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