Decidedly December – 2020

Another two days of challenges. December 7 is easy to combine. On the Countdown to Christmas the prompt is “Fireplace” and on the December Reflections it is “On My Wish List.” We used to rent a house with a fireplace and I just loved it. When we moved 24 years ago our house did not have one. A few years ago my husband got me a portable heater for my work area. It looks like a mini fireplace when it is going.

So on my Wish List this year is a fire pit for the backyard. I think Santa is going to get it for me too! Something like this:

Of course I would love a wood burning one but in the interest of air quality, a propane one will be okay.

Today’s prompts were “Craft” and “Fave photo of 2020.” I showed the gift card holders I made already but here is another one of my creations:

The roof comes off the top and inside is a Christmas mini-album. You can see more pictures if you click the link.

As far as my favorite photo of 2020, I have a lot but I think this one tops them.

My son and I are sitting in the waiting room at Kaiser, where he is about to have a CT scan (or an MRI, I can’t remember which). It was a scary time for us and fortunately everything is okay, but he took this picture and posted it on Instagram and it touched me. Plus, I like how my legs look thinner – LOL.

Okay, caught up again. Maybe tomorrow I can post just one. How about you? Favorite photo? Craft anything for Christmas? Lucky enough to have a fireplace or a fire pit recommendation? Share!

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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7 Responses to Decidedly December – 2020

  1. joey says:

    I dig a fireplace and haven’t had one since I left home! I actually discussed with my husband how we should get one of those narrow faux fireplaces and place it in the back corner of our living room where we’re both usually sat. I hope it happens. We do have a large space heater, but I want a HUGE one! lol
    I’m glad everything went well with your son. Everyone in my house has recently had a health scare as well, so I understand your nerves there! (They’re all okay, too šŸ™‚ Yay!)

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  2. LA says:

    Fire pit is wonderful

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  3. A lovely post, Janet. Your house is delightful and I’m glad your son is okay.

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