A to Z 2021 – F is for Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building

Getting a late start today on my “F” post because I went with my husband and we got him a new truck. I had promised him one for Christmas and he never took me up on it. Yesterday was his birthday and I found one I thought he might like so we went and looked at it. Sure enough he liked it, but you know it takes forever in the dealership so here I am at 7 PM writing my post for the day. Fortunately tomorrow’s can be written tonight as well so I won’t be behind. It also doesn’t help that I waited until the last minute to take some of these pictures. I was doing that this morning before we went truck shopping.

And so, without further ado, “F” is for the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is located on the Embarcadero that I talked about yesterday.

The Ferry building is the terminal for the ferries that cross the Bay. It also houses offices on the second floor and a marketplace. It was built in 1989 and the clock tower itself is 245 feet tall! There are four clock faces, each 22 feet wide that still chime every full and half hour. I have never been inside the Ferry building but In researching it, there are a lot of different activities going on including a Farmer’s Market and there are spaces available to rent for special events. Imagine having a wedding reception at the Ferry Building?

At the other end of the Embarcadero is Fisherman’s Wharf. This is really one of the main tourist attractions and I was so glad I was able to get there in the morning before the hustle and bustle. I could find parking, get out and take my pictures and then get back in the car in less than 15 minutes! During the weekend and summertime that would have been impossible.

At the Wharf are great restaurants and little outdoor places you can get seafood and then take a walk along the piers. You can also rent a trip on the Red and White Fleet or Blue and Gold Fleet that have boat trips around the bay. The Blue and Gold Fleet has an “Escape from the Rock” tour that takes you to Alcatraz. The Red and White Fleet has a “Bridge to Bridge Sunset Cruise” that looks like it might be a romantic experience.

Across the street from the Wharf are some really neat attractions. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is one.

And Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. I have been inside but not for a VERY long time – like maybe 30 years!

At one time there was something called “The San Francisco Experience” that took you through the history of San Francisco. They have turned that into The Dungeons:

I love an adventure so that might be fun to see too, if these things can reopen safely. All this traveling around the city has made me want see a lot of these places in more detail. I will still have the advantage of being able to go in the middle of the week so I shouldn’t hit many crowds. I promise if I do I’ll take more pictures and let you know. If you go before I do, make sure you post your pictures and let me know!

Okay. Tomorrow is the big “G,” any guesses?

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32 Responses to A to Z 2021 – F is for Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building

  1. cassmob says:

    The Farmers Market at the Ferry Building was in if the highlights of San Francisco when we visited for the first time a few years ago. We loved it far more than Fisherman’s Wharf.

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  5. debscarey says:

    Fisherman’s Wharf must be on the top of most bucket lists for visits to San Francisco. I’m a huge seafood fan, so it’s on mine. I do hope to make it to that coast of your country one day. Your blog is inspiring me to push it up the bucket list 🙂

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    Normally found at Debs Despatches

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  7. Alice says:

    Fisherman’s wharf looks interesting, like a great adventure. Would love to go there some day.

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  8. Arlee Bird says:

    I’ve eaten at Alioto’s where I got an Italian style seafood stew. Very good! I’ve eaten at a couple of other restaurants there, but can’t recall what they were.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  9. Iain Kelly says:

    Gotta be GoldenGate Bridge, surely! Enjoy driving about in the new truck round the sight of Sabn Fran!

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  10. Liam says:

    I expect that tomorrow’s post will have one or more places with Golden Gate in the name.

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  11. Hello my friend, the pictures of the wharf makes me want seafood and the dungeons sounds like an awesome adventure… please do go and share your experience here! Happy Birthday to the hubby and congrats on the new Ford…what color? I’ll be working in my Garden if you would like to help out with some weeding.


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    • scr4pl80 says:

      His truck is white, very simple. He’s not a real tech guy and he doesn’t do a lot of driving so no need for too many bells and whistles. It would just confuse and frustrate him. LOL. His old truck was so old it had manual windows so even just power windows was enough to make him excited. Yes if I get in to the Dungeons, I’ll most definitely tell about it.

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  12. Tamara says:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! I guess springtime gets you more into car shopping mood than January. Drive safely and enjoy your ride!
    Yay for the Ferry Building with its handsome tower, and of course as a tourist I can never miss Fisherman’s Wharf. There’s always so much to see and do! However, I feel the original charm.gets lost more and more, and it feels less authentic than back in the days.


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    • scr4pl80 says:

      I think I noticed that a little as I was wandering around. Of course having almost everything shut down because of covid didn’t help.


  13. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve heard of Fisherman’s Wharf so your photos are cool to see. A new truck? That sounds like fun, too. You are living a good life!

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  14. gigglingfattie says:

    Happy birthday to the husband!!!

    My birthday is next week, can you get me a vehicle as well? 😂

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  15. That is some birthday present. A good idea to follow on from yesterday’s E. I didn’t know you had a Madame Tussaud’s

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  16. Oh great, Janet! Now I want fish! Thanks! 😀

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

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  17. Erica/Erika says:

    Oh my gosh, Janet, a new truck is a big deal. The word “ferries” immediately got my attention since we are all about ferries here, living on an Island. We also have an accessible Fisherman’s Wharf. We used to have a wax museum. No longer. A fun post, Janet!

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