A to Z 2021 – Q is for Queen Wilhelmina’s Tulip Garden and Quirky

I was originally going to talk about quail, which is San Francisco’s official bird but unfortunately they are pretty much extinct around here, although I was just reading that they may be brought back to the area by the Presidio Trust. Since the last reported quail sighting was in Golden Gate Park in 2017, and since I had set the rule for myself of only posting about things that I could actually take pictures of, quail was off the list.

I love Google maps because I was able to find another “Q” that was actually much more interesting than quail (unless you are a bird lover, in which case, forgive me). Queen Wilhelmina’s Tulip Garden popped up as I was scrolling along. It is over by the Cliff House and the ocean at the tail end of Golden Gate Park.

Once again it was a Sunday when I went exploring and there were A LOT of people wandering around in the garden. Some were dressed really fancy and having their pictures taken with the tulips all around them. The message of “Hope” was spelled out with rocks right in the middle. The colors of the flowers were all so pretty. I’d like to go back there when there are less people. Not everyone was wearing masks so I didn’t want to get to close or stay too long.

Since I can’t talk about quail and I’ve been featuring two points of interest on all the other letters, I was hard pressed to come up with another “Q” and then I thought about “quirky” and I bet you can believe that there are some quirky things around San Francisco! Here are a few:

While my son took this picture, I’m using it because I was there! This is the Salesforce building peeking through the clouds. Where are the rest of the buildings?

This VW is just hanging out on this pole. Underneath the San Francisco it says, “All are welcome.”

All over the city are murals on the walls. This is one of my favorites.

I haven’t figured out what makes this happen in the streets around the City Hall. It was only for about a month when the weather was really cold in the morning. Some of the homeless people put tents up near them to keep warm.

And finally, this guy who is just stuck on the side of this building. Actually some of the carvings on the buildings are really remarkable. Wonder what he is thinking about as he watches all the cars go by?

Okay, made it through that tricky letter. The next couple are a little easier. Any guesses for “R?”

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  4. Tamara says:

    What could be more fitting for a post in April than a pretty tulip garden? Lovely!
    I had fun with the quirky pictures as well. They always catch my eye.

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  5. When I first moved to Cali in the 80s, I stayed on my Uncle’s ranch in Perris, just up the road from March AFB. He raised chickens, ducks, and quails… and the quails were bossy and ran the place! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  6. J-Dub says:

    This might just be my favorite virtual trip I have followed you on. I love tulips. The garden is beautiful. We had a TX tulip farm nearby for one short year. Right before everything closed down in 2020, we visited. Sadly the owners opted to stop growing.

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  7. Amazing luck to find a replacement Q. And this was wonderful. I’ve never heard of it before.

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  8. A queen’s tulip garden – how fun. Sounds like there were a lot of people tiptoeing through it. And thumbs up on your quirky finds – all great choices. I’m wondering if the building guy is contemplating how he can get reservations on the spaceship.

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  9. janieleeds says:

    Wow! Beautiful Janet! Love the tulips because I love flowers, but what a pretty place to visit!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  10. Love the tulips, but then again I love all flowers… haven’t found one that I didn’t like… and tomorrow is Earth Day so I’m going to plant some flowers! ☺ I think that quirky picture where the people put up tents to keep warm is steam … there is probably an underground system of steam pipes and sometimes that steam will rise up from the manholes especially when it’s cold. OH and QUAIL… they eat them here. I have not eaten one but I have had quail eggs. They are pretty tasty and only 14 calories per egg.


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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Sacrilegious I’m sure to eat quail in San Francisco! I agree about the steam. It just looks funny because it is only on that one street that I have seen. It was there again this morning.

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  11. The tulips are beautiful. We have a botanical garden near us. I love seeing all the spring flowers in bloom. Weekends In Maine

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  12. mollyscanopy says:

    Those quirky photos are fun — especially the “space shop” one πŸ™‚ The Queen W. garden is gorgeous. I can see why it would be crowded — and the word HOPE is a lovely touch. https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/questioning-everything-atozchallenge/

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  13. John Holton says:

    Love the pictures of the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden. Made me think of The Netherlands, which I really enjoyed while I was there. Also like the Graffiti, which has become a serious art form in the past couple of years.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      If there had not been so many people there I would have taken a picture of the whole garden. It was amazing. There are some really pretty murals throughout the city too.

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  14. I love tulips! And living in The Netherlands, it feels like “home” to see a tulip garden named after/dedicated to a Dutch queen. The tulip trade in the 17th century was an interesting phenomenon, a global market that crashed completely at a dramatic scale. I like the quirky things too! Indeed, that guy on the corner looking down at the street, what is he thinking…?

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  15. Iain Kelly says:

    Lovely tulip garden, and I think those quirky sites are acceptable for ‘Q’!


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