Now in November…

The prompt today is to talk about fall where we live. Truthfully I’ve said many times that, at least in the part of California where I live, we don’t really have changing seasons. I mean, we can have torrential rains in April and 100 degree weather in October. Our summers can be cloudy and cold and we definitely don’t have a white Christmas.

But I think the fundamental issue is not that we don’t have changing seasons but more that I don’t PAY ATTENTION to the changing seasons. A few years ago we got our first dog and I have been taking him for a walk twice a day every day. That has led me to look around at my surroundings (what do you do when you have to stop every few feet to let them sniff the ground, pee on a tree or do his business?)

I’ve been getting the Studio Yearbook created by Jamie Ridler. You may remember me mentioning Jamie before as she is the one who got me started on the Vision Cards that I make each year. The Studio Yearbook is a seasonal guided journal that has really helped me notice things and develop an appreciation for what we do have at different times of the year. Plus, it is another outlet for my creative spirit. Here are my covers and title pages for this year, starting with Winter, which began last December.

Inside is a treasure trove of goodness, from spots to record what you are enjoying during the season, to space to make dream boards for each full moon.

There are monthly calendars and daily pages to record what is actually happening in your world but also to record how you feel about what’s happening in your world, the opportunity to give yourself gold stars for things that you accomplish, a space for gratitude and the encouragement to try new things like drawing.

It is totally up to you how you want to use this yearbook. Some days it seems like nothing exciting is happening and instead of trying to fill out each little box, I just cover the whole page with something that I colored or a picture from a magazine that I really like.

The Winter Yearbook is on sale now and you can find it here. I get the print version (only available until November 8) but it is also available as a PDF so you can print only the pages you want and bind it yourself. It does not take the place of my “regular” planner where I keep our appointments and things but it definitely has helped me discover new things about myself and is a way to remind me of things that were happening in my life as I go back through my old yearbooks. Plus, Jamie is always available for questions and there is a yearbook community of like-minded souls to chat with. Definitely recommend.

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  2. LA says:

    I could just look at planner pictures all day…

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  3. This sounds like a fun idea.

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  4. Oh, I know Jamie! I have participated in things with her before. The winter journal looks like a good one.

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  5. Alice Gerard says:

    That looks really attractive, colorful, and user friendly!!!

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  6. E.A. Wickham says:

    That looks fascinating. I will check it out.

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