Just Jot January – 2022

Today’s word is “prepare” suggested by Jenny. I might be a little crazy but I am preparing to participate for the 4th time! in the Sketchbook Project. I have three other books in the library at the moment, two of which have been digitalized and one which should be ready to view by the end of March.

The first one was called, “A Smile 4 U From Janet” with the theme of “People I wish I knew.” It contained quotes of people, real and imaginary, that I admire including Stevie Nicks, Alfred Hitchcock, the Kennedys and the Obamas, Agatha Christie and Steve Jobs to name a few. According to the website, that volume has been viewed 1453 times! Not even all by me!

The second one is called “Let The Adventure Begin.” The theme for this was “City Streets.” I dedicated it to my little town of San Bruno because of the explosion that happened when the PG&E pipe burst. It has only been viewed a little over 400 times BUT it was part of the cross country tour that the Sketchbook Project did and so actually came to San Francisco!

The third one hasn’t been uploaded to digital yet because of Covid. The Brooklyn Art Library has a very small staff and with so many participants it takes them a while to scan everyone’s books. I called this one “Just a Thought” and the theme was Thought Box.

The theme choices for Volume 19 are: Piece by Piece, Missed Connections, Tall Tales, Revelations, In Other News, Weight of the World, Drips and Drops, One More Thing, Half-Baked and Comic Book Endings. I am thinking of doing Piece by Piece or Drips and Drops. It is kind of fun to say that I have books in the Brooklyn Art Library but truthfully anyone can do it. Which theme would you pick?

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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14 Responses to Just Jot January – 2022

  1. Tamara says:

    Wow, so much cool stuff, you’re super creative!
    Is this a current picture of you? Are you wearing Flip Flops in January?

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    Ever onward into new journaling adventures. You find the best things to do. I like the image about not changing for anyone else. That resonates with me today.

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  3. Ooo, a lot of choices!
    Good luck!
    And it’s a big deal!!! Your work is in the Brooklyn Art Library! That’s amazing!!! Go you

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  4. E.A. Wickham says:

    There are too many choices. I would have a tough time deciding.

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  5. debscarey says:

    Janet, what a fun project. I’d be tempted if I wasn’t already overwhelmed. My selected theme would be Piece by Piece or In Other News, as I think they both have the opportunity to be quite random. Have fun with it šŸ˜€

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  6. A fascinating project well executed. The two choices you have selected look somewhat similar in the sense of building blocks – in that sense Drips and Drops, redolent of icicles, seems more poetic, so would be my choice

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