A to Z – 2023 – I is for Illuminating Facts and Finds

The installation I was going to use for the letter “I,” “Illuminavia” is located in a bar across the street from Oracle Park and it was closed so instead I’ll share some of the other interesting (I hope) tidbits about my experience with the Illuminate SF project.

First off I’ll mention my process for finding and capturing the different installations. First I had to look at all the sites and figure out how to fit them in the alphabet. Some, as I’ve said, I had to be creative about. Then I couldn’t just go alphabetically through the list because it would have meant going back and forth from one end of the city to the other. Since I knew I might have to enlist the help of my husband or daughter to drive me, I mapped out where each spot was and then made four different routes. Each route had about 6 or 7 stops and would take about an hour or so to get through. I ended up doing most of them by myself and it actually took more than an hour each time because I got out and took pictures. It looks from the maps like it would be really easy to get them all at one time but you have to remember that in San Francisco there are a lot of one-way streets so something could be right on the next block but you have to go three blocks west and two blocks south to come back to where it actually is. A few of them I went back a second time to get just the right picture/video. Fortunately we live right near the freeway so most of it was just a straight shot to the city. I planned them on Sunday night or weeknights so that the streets wouldn’t be too crowded.

While I was driving around, I did notice some other cool lights that weren’t part of the actual “Illuminate SF” program. This was a group of trees in the middle of downtown that were all lit up. I didn’t realize until I got home that Coit Tower was right behind them. I guess sometimes I have tunnel vision and focus on one thing while something else is right in front of my nose (see “Archipelago” where I totally missed a 6-foot sculpture while I was looking at a heart!)

The carousel ride at the Children’s Creativity Museum looks really pretty all lit at night. The windows of the Civic Auditorium shows the City’s pride. Louise K. Davies Symphony Hall was magnificent lighting the whole corner.

A few random lights on the buildings and more lighted trees. These trees are in Union Square (I forgot to look for the hearts!). And finally, the top of City Hall.

These aren’t lights exactly but I spotted this sculpture out of the corner of my eye when hubby was driving and he went around the block so I could get out and get these pictures. Looks like some kind of sea creature, doesn’t it? Love the pretty scales. There are lights on the ground around it so I bet if it was later in the evening it would be interesting.

As a thank you for taking me out so I could get my pictures and videos, I treated my husband to dinner at the Stinking Rose. He had a hamburger and I had a prosciutto sandwich and salad. They were delicious and too much for one meal so I had my other half for lunch the next day. This friendly guy was next to me at the bar.

And that’s my “I” for the A to Z Challenge. See you tomorrow!

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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14 Responses to A to Z – 2023 – I is for Illuminating Facts and Finds

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  3. A nice project and quite an investment of time! Now you could be a tour guide…

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  4. Nilanjana Bose says:

    Appreciate the amount of trips made and pics taken – impressive! Thank you.

    All the best for the A-Z.

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  5. Thanks for making all those trips to show us the city lights… great maps shown for your routes.

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  6. Misky says:

    We lived in Mill Valley in the early 80s, and we have fond memories of the area.

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  7. John Holton says:

    This post was quite picture-iffic! Thanks for the maps…

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  8. DB McNicol says:

    I loved this – such variety of lights. We rarely go out at night due to poor night vision. It’s the only thing I really miss about visiting Disney – no need to drive at night.

    My A to Z Blogs
    DB McNicol – Small Delights, Simple Pleasures, and Significant Memories
    My Snap Memories – My Life in Black & White

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