Juicy July – 2019 – Here we go…

Juicy – full of juice, interestingly scandalous, temptingly appealing.  Synonyms of fascinating, colorful, exciting, thrilling.  Sounds like a good name for a month, right? 

Let’s see if we can start the month out with some juicy stories. 

First, under fascinating and exciting, our local mall had a shooting yesterday and while I was not inside the mall at the time, my husband was in the parking lot at a booth selling fireworks for our local Pony Baseball team.  I happened to be on my way to bring him a sandwich when I saw traffic backing up and police car lights both in front of me and coming up behind me, sirens blaring.  All in all there must have been 100 different emergency vehicles from all over the county.  The story is that there were two shooters inside the mall and two people were shot.  It was not a random attack, rather a deliberate thing between these four people.  We are not sure yet exactly why.  Unfortunately, the local mass transit, BART, station is on the same property as the mall and at least one of the suspects was able to get on the train and go across the Bay to Oakland.  We have not been told the identity of either the victims or the shooters as the police are waiting to see surveillance camera videos but the boys that were shot were about 14 and 16.  Way too young.  They were taken to the ER in San Francisco, one in critical condition and one in serious condition.   

The police set up a command center in the parking lot across the street from the mall.  I caught these pictures as I was driving home.  Lots of armed uniformed men crossing the street with rifles out and ready to go.  It was not really scary to me, but it definitely was not something we see everyday.   

Today the mall is open again and I suppose business as usual, although perhaps a few more police present. 

More on the colorful side, my entries into the Escapist Coloring Club for July.

I think I’m going to take a break from coloring these card toppers and go back to Alice in Wonderland or something else.  After a while the flowers all start looking the same to me.  I do kind of like the feather and the owl though. 

That’s it for the first installment of Juicy July.  How about you, any fascinating things to tell me?

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9 Responses to Juicy July – 2019 – Here we go…

  1. Colline says:

    I love your colouring – though I do not like your story of the shooting. You were lucky to have missed it.

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  3. joey says:

    Jeez. I hate knowing that. We’ve had some shootings at malls here as well. So frightening.

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  4. DB McNicol says:

    Gang violence? So sad when young kids are involved…

    I’ve been happily coloring in the Happy Color app – you don’t get to chose your colors but it’s still relaxing.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      It is very frustrating that nothing can be done about gun control. I’m all for freedoms but really? My freedom is restricted if I have to live afraid. I don’t know the Happy Color app. Have to check it out. Thanks.

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  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Wow! So sad to hear of the shooting. It gets to where we’re afraid to go anywhere because you just never know what might happen.
    I do like your coloring pages. I get tired of the same tiny designs too, so go to a regular coloring book. The owl and the feather are very pretty. šŸ™‚
    Happy 4th of July!

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