August Break – 2019 – Day 9 – Ground

Since I just took a picture of the ground yesterday for curves, I needed to do something different for today’s prompt.  Here’s my take on it:

Gotta have my coffee in the morning!  I don’t like it too strong so the Starbucks Veranda blend is one of my favorites.  Sometimes I can get it on sale at either Safeway or Target and when that happens I make sure to stock up.  It doesn’t last long enough to get stale around this house!
Also, while I’m here, I thought I’d give you a peek at some of the new cards I have going up in my Etsy shop today.  I’ve been watching the Giants on TV in the studio and getting my craft on at the same time.  

 Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Sympathy…even some early Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Check them out on the Etsy site.

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6 Responses to August Break – 2019 – Day 9 – Ground

  1. Sumatra fan here–I LOVE it strong! Beautiful cards, Janet!

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  2. traceyr1984 says:

    I listened to the Cubs on the radio while I am doing arts and crafts!

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  3. Have you tried any of the new cold brews, Janet? Oh my gosh…I’m hooked!

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