August Break – 2019 – Door

Day 26 – Door – I was looking around this morning for interesting doors for today’s post and didn’t really see anything that grabbed me.  Then I went into the studio and of course found the door:

It is the inside of the door to my studio.  I have a screen over it so that hopefully I can keep it open sometimes and not have too many flies.  Also to help keep out stray cats.  
There is a bit of corkboard on the top section and I’ve hung a few of my favorite things and the vision board I made for this year.  

The bottom section holds the white boards I use as a background when I’m taking pictures of things for the Etsy shop.

Got a favorite door?  

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6 Responses to August Break – 2019 – Door

  1. joey says:

    Great color! The door to my not-she-totally-icky shed is the same color 🙂 Ha!

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  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Janet, I’m loving your posts. You inspired me to do the photo a day project but I decided to post mainly in my Yearbook. . .

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  3. ccbarr says:

    My front door,back door ,side door. We were able to buy a home and pay it off in one fell swoop.This was my “what would you do if you won the lottery”dream. No lotto (small inheritance). I’m a former Navy brat who always rented. Still moved lots too. I am unpacking boxes. I am finally home.

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