August Break – 2019 – Recipe, Bag and Listening

Fortunately I got a large, rush work job so I had to miss posting here for a couple of days but I did manage to post on Instagram so now I’ll recap here…

Day 27 – Favorite recipe: 

I don’t really have favorite recipes because truthfully cooking is not one of my favorite activities.  My daughter and I have been trying out some new meals from these books lately and since the weight is slowly coming off, they are my favorite at the moment – LOL.

Day 28 – In my bag:

This is the bag I have filled with the pens, pencils and markers that I use when I’m coloring. 

Since most of the time I color while watching TV, it is very handy to be able to just bring this with me. 

Even with all these options sometimes I struggle looking for just the right color!
Day 29 – Listening
I listen to my iTunes while I walk Benny twice a day.  Sometimes I put it on shuffle:
and sometimes I start with the A’s and work my way through the alphabet.  

I get a most unusual mix either way since I have a diverse collection.  The Scorpions and ACDC could be followed by Dean Martin or John Denver.  Who knows?
What are you listening to?  Have a favorite low carb recipe I should try?  What’s in your bag?   


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13 Responses to August Break – 2019 – Recipe, Bag and Listening

  1. joey says:

    I don’t do playlists much. I do actually go from ACDC to John Denver, then to Vivaldi and Missy Elliot. We’re eclectic, Janet šŸ™‚
    I always need a spare paper for checking the color is certainly what I want, too.

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  2. Shelley says:

    Way to do a 3-day round-up of posts! I wish I had a coloring bag like yours…so many options!! Congrats on your slow progress on your weight loss journey. I think slow and steady is easier on the body, so kudos to you! And those playlists – such fun!

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  3. I like your playlist, Janet. I’ve always loved the song Africa, by Toto. Your back is packed!

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  4. rugby843 says:

    I carry a backpack on the back of the wheelchair if Iā€™m leaving town. It has everything including change of clothes, toothbrush, medicine, bandaids, you name it. . .left over routine from when the grandkids were little-everything but the kitchen sink!


  5. Ally Bean says:

    I wondered what had become of you. Then I saw all your IG pics at once and figured you’d gotten busy. Love the supply bag idea. Smart.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      The bag was only $5 at Michaels and is so handy! I have a couple of them with different uses. It is feast or famine with my work sometimes. The last few days have been feast which will help a lot since the beginning of the month was famine!

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  6. ccbarr says:

    Listening to The Piano Guys (listen to the combo of Racmaninov/Indiana Jones theme …set in Petra!) And I just like the no brainer of low carb-eggs or oatmeal breakfast,big salad lunch and one protien &one vege dinner. No hassle šŸ˜


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