K is for Kite Flying, Kayaking, Karaoke

I’ve always had a fondness for kite flying. My birthday is in March and every year I’d get a new kite which my dad would help me put together and then when he got home from work we’d go out in front and fly it. It would go very high and sometimes we’d write a note and send it up to the top where the string meets the kite in case the string broke and the kite got away. We hoped that if someone found the kite they’d let us know how far away it got. We never got an answer from anyone but I still have those great memories of times I spent with my dad. I very much think that time spent with your dad, or mom for that matter, on a one-on-one basis is a date. Especially if you have siblings like I did, time alone with a parent is precious. I wish I had asked dad more questions about his own childhood while he was alive. Kites are still a big thing and there is even a Kite Festival you can go to.

Yesterday I suggested jet skiing, today I’ll go for a little less exuberant time on the water with kayaking. Not something that we have done but I know my daughter went with her boyfriend and had a great time. Living practically surrounded by water with the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, there are a few different spots you can rent kayaks from. There is even a Bay Water Trail.

Finally, there is karaoke. This wasn’t a thing when my husband and I were dating years ago but I know the kids have been several times and it is more popular now. There are several around the area. This one in San Francisco called “The Mint,” boasts over 22,000 songs to choose from! I happen to be married to a real romantic and there are times he’ll just come over and sing a few lines from a song to me, like these from Leather and Lace:

You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love a man like me?
And you were right
When I walked into your house
I knew I’d never wanna leave
Sometimes I’m a strong man
Sometimes, cold and scared
And sometimes I cry
But that time I saw you
Knew with you to light my night
Somehow I’d get by.

Not making this up, folks. He really does stuff like that. Maybe that’s one reason why we’ve been together so long. Who needs to spend money in a bar when I’ve got my own singer right here?

No pictures today but I made it through another letter!

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21 Responses to K is for Kite Flying, Kayaking, Karaoke

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  2. Archana says:

    Kite flying is great fun.. though I admit I have only held onto the string years ago in mychildhood. Karaoke is great fun.. the accompanying music drowns out my out-of-tune notes!! 🙂 Stopping by via the AtoZ master list! Happy blogging!

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  3. Beth Lapin says:

    I’ve done them all, and the one I love is kayaking! In gentle coves and backwaters, where I sit on the water like a duck and can watch and listen.


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  4. Aww he is so so sweet 🥺

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  5. debscarey says:

    Kite flying was a big thing where I grew up (India) but it was also taken deadly seriously and was highly competitive, so I just watched and enjoyed. I love to sing and frequently burst into song when something reminds me of a lyric, but Himself is not so keen. I’ve only once done karaoke and yes, there had been much drink taken. I always swore it was something I’d not do, but it was fun, although I was with a crowd of Welsh people so the standard was extremely high – so I probably needed the Dutch courage to join in.

    Debs visiting this year from
    Making Yourself Relationship Ready

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  6. How sweet that he sings to you! I cannot sing at all but do love watching friends do karaoke. It’s so fun. I even went to a karaoke wedding once. The bridge and groom were regulars and quite talented! Weekends In Maine

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve never been kayaking or karaoke-ing, but when I was a kid I did fly a kite. Good things to do.

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  8. I never remember flying a kite as a kid… and never had special moments with my dad… but like you wish I’d have asked him more questions on his life. I’d love to go kayaking but think my knees might get too stiff and I can just see me having to tip over to get out! I’d never have the umph to get up in front of others for karaoke but so many enjoy it. K was a nice read! How Special that he’ll sing a few bars to you. Mine plays the tune on our Alexa to me.

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  9. E.A. Wickham says:

    Kite flying was something my dad loved to do with me and my brother. Also, I’ve loved kayaking since I was young.

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  10. I was just going to answer you by saying I didn’t expect we would match up on letter K, but then I saw your post. Yeah, karaoke… was my choice. We call the theme differently, but it is the same theme. Dating’s end goal is building a relationship.

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