April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Diving into D

D is for Def Leppard.  This is another group that we have seen several times now but I only have our first show in the concert album.  This was from August of 2006 when we saw them with Journey (they’ll make an appearance later in the alphabet).

This was only the second concert we had been to in a long time and the first time I had ever been to Shoreline.  We had gotten a sitter for the night and decided to make the most of it and got a motel room close to the venue, even though it only takes 45 minutes to drive home!  We didn’t get out much back then.  
Again, a pretty simple layout for these pictures.  

Def Leppard is one of the bands that I didn’t know the background story about but I knew I liked their songs.  When I saw the movie Hysteria and learned about Rick Allen losing his arm and yet continuing to play the drums, I really wanted to see them live. 

In this concert they did not disappoint.  We’ve seen them a couple of times since then and although I have better pictures, the show itself was not as good.  They have had really poor sound systems and the bass gets so overpowering that you can’t even hear the singing.  It was so bad during the last one we went to that we ended up leaving early.  Shame because we had REALLY good seats that time!

Okay, that’s D.  So far so good.  

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6 Responses to April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Diving into D

  1. What memories. I haven’t thought of Def Leppard in years. Nice.

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  2. I wish I could go to a concert… yes I know not really what you were going for here. I love Def Leopard though, fond memories of youth. I do know how to scrap book a little though, Kids… you have to in the baby books šŸ™‚

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    it’s interesting to observe how you scrapbooking skills have evolved over the years. These pages are great, but later ones show a bit more artistry.

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